December 30, 2011

I Met Charles And Keith Singapore!!

 Hello Princesses,

This is My last Blog Post for 2011 :) I am so excited, I have been busy shopping these last days of the year so so much, I will share the Last Days 2011 shopping soon!! One of the Thing that I shopped is also my New
"Charles and Keith Sunglasses"

So here is My Look of the day and the New Sunglasses on me :)

 Charles and Keith is a brand From Singapore They are present across globe in 32 Countries, INDIA & PAKISTAN Included :)) but yes they are more expensive in other countries as compared to SINGAPORE due to taxes and customs etc etc :)

December 27, 2011


Hahaha, the post title must have surprised you, but the excitement in me got Naught... hehehhe...

Remember my CHRISTMAS HAUL Pic post on my Facebook Page ??
If you noticed with a microscopic eye, I was also carrying a SEPHORA shopping bag, that is where I got NAKED :)

Practically i should share my complete HAUL with you guys, that I will do for sure , but till then lets see if you have more eye for details and you can find out or guess what other stuff i Shopped !! may be if you guess correctly I will share with you the HAUL and give you what I bought just kidding!! , well not actually may be i giveaway something from it !!

So here are the First Pictures of the NAKED PALETTE from My Lens ( Oh yeah Finally i left my laziness and took out my sexy NIKON cam hehehe... ) so back to routine with you guys !!

December 26, 2011

MAC dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament

 First of All a Very Happy and Merry Christmas to you all, :)

I tried my "mac dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament" in 4 colors , tried to do  a nail art using them, Remember My MAC HAUL post ? which I shared a couple of days ago HERE

So here is the Pic of the Packaging and Nail Lacquers

This is what I came up with My first trial, dont know why but i just went ahead and tried this Nail art out of the Box, it took me not much time as was quick and wanted to try it desperately, lol :)

Checkout the Pics below, though they are not the best pics as i did all this at midnight, and just used my iPod to take the pics , as my Camera was packed :)

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