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I Met Charles And Keith Singapore!!

 Hello Princesses, This is My last Blog Post for 2011 :) I am so excited, I have been busy shopping these last days of the year so so much, I will share the Last Days 2011 shopping soon!! One of the Thing that I shopped is also my New "Charles and Keith Sunglasses" So here is My Look of the day and the New Sunglasses on me :)  Charles and Keith is a brand From Singapore They are present across globe in 32 Countries, INDIA & PAKISTAN Included :)) but yes they are more expensive in other countries as compared to SINGAPORE due to taxes and customs etc etc :)


Hahaha, the post title must have surprised you, but the excitement in me got Naught... hehehhe... Remember my CHRISTMAS HAUL Pic post on my F acebook Page ?? If you noticed with a microscopic eye, I was also carrying a SEPHORA shopping bag, that is where I got NAKED :) Practically i should share my complete HAUL with you guys, that I will do for sure , but till then lets see if you have more eye for details and you can find out or guess what other stuff i Shopped !! may be if you guess correctly I will share with you the HAUL and give you what I bought just kidding!! , well not actually may be i giveaway something from it !! So here are the First Pictures of the NAKED PALETTE from My Lens ( Oh yeah Finally i left my laziness and took out my sexy NIKON cam hehehe... ) so back to routine with you guys !!

MAC dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament

 First of All a Very Happy and Merry Christmas to you all, :) I tried my "mac dazzlesphere mini nail lacquer ornament" in 4 colors , tried to do  a nail art using them, Remember My MAC HAUL post ? which I shared a couple of days ago HERE So here is the Pic of the Packaging and Nail Lacquers This is what I came up with My first trial, dont know why but i just went ahead and tried this Nail art out of the Box, it took me not much time as was quick and wanted to try it desperately, lol :) Checkout the Pics below, though they are not the best pics as i did all this at midnight, and just used my iPod to take the pics , as my Camera was packed :)