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 Ok so I wanted to buy a hair protecting spray, as i could not bring My CHI hair protecting spray due to luggage weight issues as well as being a open spray bottle, I so badly wanted to straighten my hair using my GHD these days, but as I am super conscious about my hair, i did not try using my GHD until I get a new hair protecting spray!! So I knew a shop close to my place that I can go and pick the cosmetics from, I landed up there I asked the shop assistant( there were 3 shop assistants in the shop) to give me/suggest me a heat protecting hair spray for my hair, as they said CHI is not available is Singapore!! She showed me the first one (I dont remember the name) as I didn't like it, even thought it was retailing 2 for $30 , i asked her to show me another one?? She picked the NELLY BIFASICO and gave me a tester to try it!! I sprayed it my hair and ,wow, I loved the smell, it smelled totally like a fruity perfume as well as i could run my fingers through it very well!!

Arabic Eye Makeup

Products used: SIGMA MAKE ME BLUSH KIT BH COSMETICS 120 COLOR EYESHADOW PALETTE IT COSMETICS BYE BYE UNDER EYE CIRCLES CONCELEAR AS EYE SHADOW BASE AND CONCELEAR. LAKME LIQUED EYE LINEAR ARDEL EYE LASHES DUO EYE LASH GLUE Well I had the most irritating day today , its long story cut short!! that my room got locked and the keys were inside so I had to stay out whole day without my purse,mobile,etc..etc  !!! Life withOUT mobile is NOT IMPOSSIBLE I realised today :)) Well I just wanted to do some makeup today, been so long since i Picked up some colorful palette in my hands and tried something new!! So for a change for the first time I did the Arabic eye makeup :)) My agent who helped me to find a house here in Singapore is from one of the Arab countries , I admired her makeup everyday i met her :)) May be that's why the thought to do an Arabic eye makeup came to my Mind!! I realized it after I finished doing the makeup :)) well, I did not had a cello tape, the most u


 I thought to start My Singapore VLOG diaries, this will help me to keep all my memories here life long in videos on My YouTube VLOG channel,also will help many to know about this country!!  Thankyou all for requesting me to do this, I really appreciate this as I am having lot of fun sharing this with you guys, let me know if you have any other requets and suggestions as well. Here are the Few Videos from My first week in Singapore: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOGS HERE .