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  MY FAVORITE KARVACHAUTH  Ok so this was my second Karvachauth festival, where Indian (north-Indian) women celebrate this festival by fasting for their husband, also in some parts of the India even unmarried girls observe fasting to get their desired husband!!  Its a traditional Indian festival, celebrated annually where married women fast whole day without eating and drinking anything not even water, the rituals differ little bit from state to state in India but the basic concept is to celebrate a day for praying for goodwill of their husband and spend whole day in getting ready for the evening,  since the women fast for the whole day, they celebrate whole day by shopping, going to parlor, doing makeup on other married women or on herself, getting henna done on hands and feet, also married women get gifts from husband and family (parents ) so it is a fun festival !!! That's how it is celebrated whole kindheartedly , in the evening all pretty married women they get r


 I moved to Hi-Tech city,Bangalore called as Silicon valley of India, on 1st Oct :) This is the City where I did my schooling ,college and started my Professional carrier in Clinical Research, I am so Happy and excited to be back here , I fell in love for the first time in life in this City,found my soul-mate here and then got married to the handsome hunk, so I have all good memories here attached to this city, what can be more exciting and happening then living your dreams !!!! My parents Live in This City, currently I am blogging from my Parents house :) early in the morning as I am sleepless !!! My happiness is on top of the world!!! So I wanted to let you guys know that I Moved to Bangalore My fav City to live in India :)) and I am super excited and busy settling down. I am almost done with settling here, though busy decorating My New apartment, and enjoying the super cool culture and environment of this Hi-Tech City, and visiting My Fav hangout places with family and friends

Indian Makeup and Outfit of the Day Punjabi Suit

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