September 02, 2011

Mint Nails Today!

 Nails of The day!!

I thought to share my Mint nail polish, I love this color but sadly I own only One Mint nail Polish, I have been looking for more of the mint nail polishes here in India. But i could not find them here in Indian Brands, I seriously wish they come out with such lovely colors too.

So i thought of sharing My ELF nail polish that i own and i bought it back in US in 2010, much before i started blogging. I love this color so much, I also own some clothes in this color but I don't prefer to use it matching with clothes i prefer to wear it with some other dark colors like black, brown, blue colors. 

 The shade is from ELF cosmetics Mint cream #00812

September 01, 2011

Makeup Storage /collection

 Happy Ganesha Chaturthi To all My Indian Readers who are celebrating , I do celebrate it too :)
So after all the rituals i did today for Lord Ganesha , Here I am with the start of a new series of Makeup Review of all the makeup That I own, That will help someone somewhere to know about the product, I can just share my opinion about the products but the final results and opinion may vary from person to person, The makeup works  differently for various skin tones but the magic is how to use it to make it look good on you, So with the first day of This series,
First I would like to share the pictures of My makeup storage way and then I will regularly review the products from Lips, Eyes,Face one by one. I have been getting lot of requests on YouTube to do the Makeup storage and makeup collection Video, But i was not able to do it till date, so I thought It would be great If I can share some pictures of My makeup collection and storage on My Blog , hopefully I will do the video soon on my YouTube

This is How I store My makeup:

I Keep almost all My Makeup In these 2 Drawers,which I keep in a room that I use only to keep My stuff Like clothes,makeup ,shoes . The first one is a wooden cupboard with a drawer on top, I keep some of My stuff Inside this, it has doors with lock and keys so i can even lock it when i want to, Also the doors stop dust to enter so everything remains clean and hygienic as i like it :)

August 31, 2011

Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub


So after using it regularly for months i thought to review it today:

ABOUT: Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub ( for normal to dry skin) :-It is considered as a Ayurvedic Medicine with many purifying and pampering benefits.No Animal Testing, Dermatological tested product :). The company says:-  " This is not a cosmetic product.It has therapeutic properties"

METHOD: wash your face,then massage gently all over the face specially on the oily skin parts slowly and gently, avoid area close to eyes and nose, wash with water finally and then use a gentle towel to damp dry.

Feeling Good Its a New Day

I had a long chat with love of my life last night, I cried, I smiled ,I hugged him and then I slept in his arms, I had a sound sleep got up early this morning, and Yes I prepared Tea today :) for a Change for him...(because he makes tea every morning he loves to start his day by this and i love it too, i cook for him :) ) Then we had long chat again and this time it was all my new plans and thoughts!!
Now, I forgot everything that happened in last few days, Its a waste to think over some silly issues, Life is much more then this, and I do things for myself because they make me happy!! the only difference is that out the thousands of blog that are online without there identity , I am the one among who share there identity and love to do that, so if 1 person has problem with it, for no reason, or for his or her issues, I am least bothered for it!!. I write for myself, I do My videos for challenging myself and if I am open to share my Life with the world, I find it pleasurable.
Blogging has given me many friends, who don't talk to me everyday but I know when they do they are so kind to me,
Last time when I had an health issue I know how my blogging friends helped me , In fact one of my readers she sent me all the details of the hospital ,doctor kind of medicine the doctor gives and every support else!! Because she knew I am new to this City and her one mail can help me!!

 I love when someone sends me her pictures and asks "madam" can you please reply and suggest me the solution "I would be grateful"

I love when people across the globe talk,share and have fun, its not just Vlogging or Blogging it is much more, we share emotions and part of our lives.

August 30, 2011

Colors in My closet Outfits

 As promised here are the pictures of the complete OOTDs of the 3 Outfits i wore in My how to wear tights video, there are various ways to wear them as long as you can carry them confidently and you love tights as I do :) Check them out below :) Very colorful and vibrant!! You definitely need guts to wear these loud styles and colors :))

August 28, 2011


I am crazy over leggings specially for fall & winter. I love to dress them up with many dresses, so i thought of sharing with you my opinion about my fav brand which is a good quality at a reasonable price!! Check out the video for more details :

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