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Hey Guys, Here is my quick post on my  FOTD & HOTD . FOTD :  I am wearing NYC DUO eyeshadow, Wet & Wild lipstick and for a change ELF Bronzer !! HOTD : Well I have never heard of the word HOTD, If it does not exist so far then I just invented it!! Hair Of the Day!! I am wearing the side french braid with a red clip bow :) I love it ,as  its quick and easy also a fast way to style my hair when I don't feel like using any heating methods :)  Its already evening here and we are leaving to pick some stuff for home!! Also left a Video to Upload on my BEAUTY & FASHION CHANNEL   It will be Up soon , So before I am back You Guys can watch it !! :) PS: Lot of color Blocking In my makeup & outfit and I love it  :) Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

Makeup addition and Gifts

Hey Guys I received in mail my YouTube contest entry price , I wanted to share with you the products  I won , Please checkout the pics below, taken on a cloudy Day :( But I was so excited the products were looking so pretty and so much neutral colors so i could not wait a day to click the pics , I also got  a hand written cute letter from her :) that's so much of love !! I am overwhelmed :) Makeup Products : - Rimmel London Special edition Natural Bronzer 027 sun dance spf 8 protection. + a gorgeous kabuki brush! - Rimmel London Powder Blush 121 Amber - Maybelline New York Eye studio Diamond Glow Mini Palette Quad 20 Coral Drama Here is The wearable Look that i created using this makeup :) I Love all these products they all are very pigmented and very much neutral, I dont feel i am wearing makeup even when i am wearing it :) thats perfect for summer, i am so much in love with each and everything. Please CHECKOUT uniquestar84 : She also having more Givea

Non Wearable barbie Doll Makeup

 Hello my princesses, I felt like sharing these pics with you guys, I created a Non wearable Barbie doll makeup look, My fav part of this look is the big Green Eyes and long side pony tail . So Look at the Pics below.   Yes  !! I am wearing extensions :) My hair is not so long they are half of this length, MAKEUP PRODUCTS USED FOR THIS LOOK:- 1.SKIN MOISTURISING CREAM-MAKARI SKIN WHITENING    CREAM 2.FOUNDATION-RIMMEL LONDON 120 IVORY 3.COMPACT POWDER-MOTIVES Shape and Sculpt Duo    pressed powder 4.EYESHADOWS-MAYBELLINE Palette Diamond glow, 20   coral drama 5.BLUSH-REVLON ,435 MERLOT at MIDNIGHT 6.LIPSTICK-WET AND WILD RED 928 7.LIQUID EYELINER BLACK-LAKME Insta liner 8.PENCIL EYELINER WHITE- MAYBELLINE bright highlight 9.PENCIL EYE LINER BLACK-NYX SL 07 jet black 10.MASCARA-MAYBELLINE COLOSSAL volume express 11.EYELASHES-ARDELL fashion glamour 101 DEMI 12.EYE LASH GLUE-DUO EYELASH GLUE IN CLEAR 13.BROW FIX BROW KIT-MILANI-03 dark brow fix 14.LENSES-GE


I Have been awarded this time and it is... MY FIRST AWARD  So I want to share with you guys that i received my First blog award , trust me i really didn't knew till today (not even a little bit of idea what it is about) :) what it is about !! untill i did little bit of research on it, so to my understanding this awad is given to the new bloggers who are new in Blogging world and when someone reads their blog they like it , they can award you as per the rules of the award!! I am so happy to receive this Versatile blogger award, as i love to share ith you guys every part of things i like not only make up and videos that i do on my YouTube channel , this blog is about everything random along with my beauty and fashion stuff , with touch of my life :) So i am very much glad That i received the "versatile blogger award" .  I don't have a single friend from the blogging world so when one of your readers give it to you it is special...very special.... :)) So I rece

Anarkali suit Indian OOTD

Anarkali suits are so much in Indian Fashion, the grand once are with the huge borders and heavy sequencing and zerdosi and handwork stones work. I am wearing a Marron Anarkali suit The material is netted material with silk lining which has golden polka dots on it, also the leggings are always tights (chudidars, that are worn with these anarkali suits), They are worn in India and across world in various occasions also in parties and functions, I wish i was more taller so that i could wear heavier then this dress.As the models wear on the Ramp walks in fashion weeks :))  Also checkout my OOTD video below on the same on my YouTube Channel This is one of my fav dress from My Indian collection specially for the overall look and comfort:) Checkout the Video On all the description on the Outfit :) What do you think of the Indian fashion and outfits ?? :) Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo