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Blog Giveaway Winner!!

 The winner of MY LATEST BLOG GIVEAWAY is Sunny Cemcemo─člu her YouTube and Blog name is sunneytehbunney , CONGRATULATIONS SUNNY YOU ARE MY LUCKY READER WHO WINS... GOAT MILK HANDMADE SOAPS from TaBoO Enjoy your flawless skin and lovely frangrance from the Soaps, I love these soaps so much i still have kept one of it i My Vanity drawer just because it smells great and gives my Vanity lovely smell :) e-mail me  your shipping details at: !! Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

Webster hall Partying

The other part of Living abroad is the Night life and clubbing culture , I loved it (though you need to take your own precaution and choose places wisely :P) there is lot more to explore and see! While i work on the video of Webster hall partying for my Vlog channel    Here is one of the pic of all the Makeup that the artists were carrying that circus night ,It fascinated me that night!!so much that I wanted to try out some dramatic looks myself :) Definitely the party was wild and crazy and I had loads of fun there. She was Pop-corn lady :) will you not buy USD $20 pop corns if you have to go close to her , well I did :P !! Tell me will you not get fascinated with her amazing make up ? :) I did get fascinated more towards makeup and that made me do lot many dramatic looks the one that I FIRST EVER created was My MERMAID MAKEUP LOOK. I remember it took me more then 2 Hrs to create my first ever Dramatic makeup Look. Here is the Video: Thanks for reading, Leave me

Starting a Blog!

The only reason to start my blog was to express myself, travelling abroad and living in a totally unknown country for the first time is big deal, atleast for me, i am not a kind of person who gets involved with people easily, i do not trust people easily, i also don't depend on anyone for anything being the independent girl that i have been all my life i always think of everything my own way, i do consult my parents and now also my husband for my big decisions but its always the final call is mine! Living in US has been a big experience in my Life , I loved the People,culture,environment,shopping Job opportunities etc, I had always dream t of visiting USA from my childhood. But My plan was to visit it either on a official trip or on a vacation I had all my plans that i will definitely visit USA atleast once in Life time, My wedding to my then boyfriend and now my husband happened with just a span of 2 months even though i knew him since long but for wedding just 2 months was a ve

Craziest Thing I ever did !Happy Friendship Week!

The craziest thing that i ever did was, when i was in my school II nd  std definitely a innocent baby , i always wondered when i ate egg , that my mother cooked the baby chicken inside egg, that becomes Yolk after cooking !! Since i read in my school books that chicken is born after hatching . I always wanted to break open the egg . But I never asked my parents about it ! I still dont know why? i didn't ask them about it, but with this question in my mind, I wanted to see it myself, so one fine day after school,when i was waiting for my school bus to pick me up,along with other children i was playing outside my school (sec 47 Chandigarh K.V 47) i kept my school bag in the school bus Que and asked my friend Rohit who was just in I std to come with me to check the egg :P  I convinced him to steel a egg from the sardar uncle's stationary shop who also had some eatables in his shop!!  So we very cleverly just picked one egg from the huge stack of egg trays and we ran to a tree

Call it a begining..

So I have been Blogging for close to10 months now, and there have been tremendous thoughts that keep coming into my mind , that i think again and again but never expressed to anyone, But i can not stop myself from writing about them anymore, no-more can i juggle-up with these thoughts. My always wandering mind , when i was a teenager i always read Linda Goodman i have 3 copies of the same book, i have read it almost 10 times and some horoscopes countless times the one among is the Pisces that's I am (being born on 20Th Feb) . I always relied on it so much for the guidance i took is as my guide in dealing with people and i read it like  Bible word by word understanding everything, i never knew how big is life then ,what i will finally land up doing with my life or what will i choose my carrier as.But i know that i loved reading the Linda Goodman star signs . Of all the knowledge that i have of astrology, sun-signs,star signs ,horoscopes always made me to deal with a person/friend


Hi,  so while i work on the Blog post of My handmade soaps winner!! (I am gathering details and verifying with the other girl ) Meanwhile Here is the exciting news at My end!! I made Partner MY YOUTUBE VLOG channel So a Big Clap for me :P I am super happy for it the main reason is that I am partner On My both channels now, The best happiness is to Put The Banner I so love the Branding Option available I love to create new banners and improve on it while i learn, So when i got this exciting partner mail in the morning, The first Thing that came into my mind it was to share with you guys!!! But before that i should Place a banner on my VLOG CHANNEL   So first i placed my Main BEAUTY AND FASHION CHANNEL Banner in the excitement , but in few moments i realized NOoooo This is not what this channel is about so i just pulled up my socks and quickly made my beautiful New Banner, and this is what i had in my mind since few months, I mean the colors from some months I am planning to redo My