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Update- Ovarian cyst Rapture

 Its been 3 days since i am on bed rest,it happened to me on Sunday early morning and it is now Tuesday over. I have been sleeping all day long today now when i am sitting on bed,i feel some kind of sensation of right lower abdomen, i feel like sleeping all the time as i don't feel this when i am asleep, it feels so boring being at home all alone, i wish i was healthy to work, i am taking 2 medicines as of now one is DOXY 1 it is for curing the infection and the other is DROTIN-M which is for the pain relief, all though my pain is reduced then before but i have this slight feeling of something pricking every now and then, but i feel definitely better then before, i also have this vomiting or puking sensation i think it is due to the infection, oh god i am so bored and tired of bed i cant do much things as i get tired and feel weak , i hope to get well soon, i will be much better only once i visit the doctor again this weekend after finishing my medicines, and after knowing the ultr

Ovarian cyst Rupture

hey Princesses, Goodmorning, i am better now, i have been to fortis hospital they asked me to get admitted after all tests but we didn't want to get admitted and take risk i was there for whole day now i am home, after all tests they found that i have my right ovary bigger then left it has some fluid because i had ovarian cyst rapture Sunday morning it was a trauma in my life on Sunday we ran to emergency hospital, i also consulted another doctor as parents told to consult atleast 2 hospitals before taking any action now i am on 5 days medication , after it i will have to go for another ultrasound to see of the medicines are working and my ovary is fine so i will know after 5 days whats the status they have given the medicine for the pain and to dry the fluid so that it doesn't cause infection! before that they also did ectopic detect test which came negative so the reason was the cyst got ruptured as it was old and caused the tremendous pain while sleeping, i was

Colors of My Life

Today i got inspired by these flowers, all the pics were clicked by me :) i love all these colors..And yes the day was amazing with lot of gossips :) My Recent video here: SIGMA SYNTHETIC FACE KIT GIVEAWAY HERE: Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo