July 15, 2011


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I just felt like doing henna on my hand, so i did this in hurry today, The cone i used was 1 year old, lol ...yes i got it last year during karwachauth (Indian Bride festival for husbands goodwill ) this cone was remaining so i used it, but after i started using it , i realised my 6th sense was RIGHT!! the Henna cone had dried, but then  who bothers to go out and get another cone in this summer!! I went ahead and applied the Henna with the dried cone ..lol crazy...I know ! but I get this kinda ideas all of a sudden and that moment i do it anyways :P
Well here is the picture for you guys :) I feel i can do better :) just need the fresh henna , so i will make sure to pick some fresh cone next time, well there will be some guests tomorrow at home so i will be busy whole day with them, I know gonna be tiring day :P but i know I will enjoy :) Also weekend is here so its gonna be fun!!

Enter My SIGMA FACE-KIT GIVEAWAY,  wish you all good-luck!

Till then Take care, and Wish you a Happy weekend..

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July 13, 2011

Nails and colors

 Hello princesses,

Must have seen my recent NYX HAUL on my FACEBOOK page so here is the picture of the NYX girls hot orange nail polish:-

Personally i do not like so bright color on my nails, also even after 2 coats of thick nail polish it did not cover up all my nails , you can see how transparent it look!! I am not gonna wear this nail polish like this again specially on my hands, may be i can try it on the feet and try it with some nail art designs just to add a pop of color!! check out my Video on the other way i applied this nail polish on my feet :)

 Now This is My fave color i love all colors but this kind of light and bright colors make me feel confident and comfortable, i have no words for this Pink nail polish it dries so quick and looks pretty everytime i apply it!! Again i am wearing this in MY OOTD video so check it out :) for details

 And this is my fav nail art i did till date :) when it is night 1 a.m. and you do not get sleep and there are no good movies to watch out my best creativity comes out i guess.. lol well i really love this nail art, you remember i shared this pic same night on my face-book page?? I love it in every way , i used my bornprettystore nail art brushes for this nail-art and i love those brushes makes my life so easy :))Oh ya i am holding my all time Fave my CHANEL N°5 perfume (gift from hubby :-*) i love it!

Here is My Latest summer OOTD Video:-

checkout my Nails as well :))

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Hope you guys are doing good here it is raining and such a wonderful cozy weather , i love it:)
Pictures from my NIKON D3100 :- all the pictures are taken before and after using product for 1 months I was so dying to review this product but then you guys know i share the reviews only after i try them and come out with all the reactions,effects or adverse reactions after using the products , well after trying so many products i feel proud to find this product. Check out the pictures for details on product ,swatches,ways to use. I click them with lot of love to share with details :))

 ABOUT: Liz Earle is  a Britain'16 years old company with botanical expertise they have all cruelty free skin care products from all ranges,all the skin care products are for all skin types and that's amazing , i sometimes feel even though my skin is normal but it turns to dry and oily due to weather and other hormonal and environmental reasons so this is what i was looking for a product for all skin types and I am sure you love ur skin too, as i do!:)

METHOD: I tried Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser since a month it is very easy to use i take it on my palm rub it on palm them apply in circular motion all over my cheeks,chin,forehead and also close to my nose area and rub it for close to 2 minutes then i take the cotton cloth provided along with the pack to gently remove the cleanser, wipe away the cleanser and then wash my face with lukewarm water!!followed by splashing cold water on my face and here i am ready for the day, Also i repeat the same process at night before hitting the bed to remove all my day long makeup because it's very important to remove the makeup specially the makeup from eyes and face,pores must be clean so avoid any breakout :)
This is so easy to use, oh ya don't forget to wash your cleansing cloth immediately with water and let it air dry for next use , in summer it dries so quick.Finally leaves my skin clean and radiant.

WHAT I LIKE: Smell, Muslin cloth (made in INDIA):) no doubt feels good to see INDIA, I am proudly an INDIA and love my country, packaging, fast shipping, good customer service, cruelty free product, for all skin types, also the quantity and quality. I used the cloth for one month it is still good to go so i think as long as the bottle lasts the 2 muslin clothes provided along with package will be good, also even if the cloth is old or i miss it i can buy it again in INDIA (made in INDIA CHECK THE PIC ABOVE ) I swear i feel so proud seeing INDIA at any part of the world.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I should miss this part for this post :) I am honest not necessary to write this for this product everything is just so perfect about them.

SHIPPING: Very fast in a week the product was at my door step all the way fro UK to INDIA and that's called happiness :)

PACKAGING: Very classy Pictures speak for themselves it always feels like princess to open such amazing packaging along with the products they also packed the product guide and their recent Newsletter 49!!That's called a great company.

QUANTITY: great quantity i used the product for a month i am sure i can still use it for next 5 months daily.This is very satisfactory.

QUALITY:Can be used on sensitive skin anyone can use these products i felt this is very gentle product of great quality and smells really wonderful like some essential oils (eucalyptus oil my fave oil) I feel the smell exactly like this and I love using it every morning :)

PRICE: £13.25 ( Indian Rs 933.5 approx)

WEBSITE: click here to visit

OVERALL: I love this cleansing system i can feel my smooth clear skin, no more black or white heads, perfect for summer, it's been a blessed one month of using it and i want to continue using it. Cruelty free- never tested on animals yet wonderful outcome.

HOT OFFER:- Also, I thought you guys might like to know about an amazing new summer skincare essentials offer from LIZ EARLE!
If you buy three Daily Essentials (Cleanse & Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and our Skin Repair Moisturizer) you receive a free Skin-Savers Kit worth £16.10! Plus, you can also choose whether your Instant Boost Skin Tonic comes in the traditional 200ml bottle or the refreshing 200ml spritzer!
Everywhere Skin-Savers Kit features four refreshing and uplifting minis for healthy-looking skin on-the-go so enjoy your beautiful skin during traveling too. It's botanical salvation in your handbag containing handy travel sizes of our Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer, Skin Repair Moisturizer, Hand Repair as well as your ‘emergency’ skin salve, Super-balm- perfect for summer!

so check them out i hope you enjoy this post and happy and beautiful summer ladies :)
Be the princess In and out.

VIDEO ON : Checkout the difference in my skin in my recent videos :)

Does my skin glowing ? Yes it does you guys told me in your comments, i love-that you guys are so observatory that's like true friends and followers, I love you all..

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July 12, 2011


 Remember My previous handmade soaps Post?? CLICK HERE TO READ IT

 So I am at 245 Blog Readers and thats a huge numbers of people i can say on my blog :)
Thanks for your support!!
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GIVEAWAY ENDS:19th-July-2011

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There will be one winner picked by Me :) at random!! You can enter as many times!!!

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Memories from the past- Exchange Place

 I always thought and believed that life is a big travel, you always have to Move on with it- however i always believed that you need to carry on with you "some great memories"

I have been organising my laptop recently as it is filled with huge data that i need to store and tranfer to my CDs that write from years, and always keep my pics as memories in them!!

I still have lot of CDs at my parents place as i could not pick them at my wedding time as everything happened so fast it was like our marriage got fixed and we got married within 3 months, i just used these 3 months for shopping and planning and moving to a new city where my husband works!!

Well i can go on and on and talk so much about it here, i will share with you guys the lovely place where i spent the lovely days of my life, its called exchange place in Jersey city, USA;-


 These are the pictures i have taken during snow time :)

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88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette


Wassup girls?? :) Its Monday... Its monday... week starts on Monday :)) lol ...

Here is my Photography for you guys :)

At front No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;8

  At BACK No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;) except that P88 sticker

The applicators were kind of broken so the sponge is very loose it was already off the applicator :) But i do not use such applicators for my makeup so i really do not care if they are fine or broken, I love my sigma brushes for makeup

I have done random swatches from the 88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette
And I love them , here you see them

ABOUT: Online order can be placed on their website, it is easy and friendly, products shipped quickly, products keep changing and they add new products every now and then so keep checking for new offers and products available.

METHOD: Can be used dry and wet both ways also try out the eye-shadows with some transparent nail enamel for lovely nail-polish colors :)

WHAT I LIKE: I like their website they have reasonable price and products available many options in different categories, My personal fav is their nail art brushes, I also love there loose eyeshadow i did a review on before : CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO, also Free Shipping worldwide!!

Slow Shipping !!

I received my long picked palette from Born-pretty store
 I got it in more then a month :8D

PACKAGING: Very nice double bubble wrap, the palette was safe.

QUANTITY: small 88 pot holes :) but looks cute .

QUALITY:nice colors,look pigmented and smooth,but breaks easily! (don't dig in your eye shadows lol )

PRICE: price USD $19.14 ( IND Rs 860 approx) +  Free Shipping worldwide no minimum order needed

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bornprettystore
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BornPrettyStore2010

EXCITING NEWS : 10% off coupon code for you MY subscribers, the coupon is JYOTIK31 YOU CAN USE THIS CODE TO GET 10% OFF SITEWIDE :)

OVERALL: Pricing is good , i like the pigments and the various shades,packaging is new they have started this new Palettes in shiny covers i like that, would be better fi they name there products I mean they label them with there brand Name, also i wish the shipping is fast so i don't wonder when i order next time .:))

VIDEO ON : You can watch the videos on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Ooooo well as of Now If you guys follow me on My FACEBOOK FAN PAGE & MY TWEETER you are updated with lot of my recent happenings if you havent yer just follow me and get connected Immediately!!

THE MOST EXCITING THIS IS THAT I GOT FEATURED IN STYLE HAUL RECENT EPISODE, I am happy and excited to make new friends and get new lovely subscribers :)

 If you havent seen the video yet here It is for you , though i wish they could have taken some other video then this :) as i myself not so satisfied with video i had fever when i shot this video so i look dull here but so wanted to do this 80's Look Inspired by Katy Perry , well I think "everything happens for good" I mean i did this video as i wanted to do so badly (even when i had fever) and they choose to feature this .So i am glad people like it!

Also my hubby and I planning to go an holiday in Mid of August to a Hill station, I hope it works out will ne more fun :)) I love the lovely foggy weather and early mornings and late nights Oooo gets me goose bums thinking of holiday its like adding more chocolate sauce on my chocolate cake  .

Wish you guys a lovely week ahead and ya " Its Monday... Its monday... week starts on Monday :)) lol ..."

Love u all
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Amidst the pandemic, now Robots to do election campaigning

Amidst the pandemic, now Robots to do election campaigning Robots will be seen campaigning for the assembly polls due next year, including ...