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I have started a Giveaway for My You tube subscribers, anyone can enter Please checkout the video below for details, i hope u try to enter it :) and wish you luck :) Also watch the Video for MY Review and know whats my opinion on the SIGMA FACE KIT brushes :) Buy Sigma cosmetics  WEBSITE I just felt like doing henna on my hand, so i did this in hurry today, The cone i used was 1 year old, lol ...yes i got it last year during karwachauth ( Indian Bride festival for husbands goodwill ) this cone was remaining so i used it, but after i started using it , i realised my 6th sense was RIGHT!! the Henna cone had dried, but then  who bothers to go out and get another cone in this summer!! I went ahead and applied the Henna with the dried cone crazy...I know ! but I get this kinda ideas all of a sudden and that moment i do it anyways :P Well here is the picture for you guys :) I feel i can do better :) just need the fresh henna , so i will make sure to pick some fresh cone

Nails and colors

 Hello princesses, Must have seen my recent NYX HAUL on my FACEBOOK page so here is the picture of the NYX girls hot orange nail polish:- Personally i do not like so bright color on my nails, also even after 2 coats of thick nail polish it did not cover up all my nails , you can see how transparent it look!! I am not gonna wear this nail polish like this again specially on my hands, may be i can try it on the feet and try it with some nail art designs just to add a pop of color!! check out my Video on the other way i applied this nail polish on my feet :)  Now This is My fave color i love all colors but this kind of light and bright colors make me feel confident and comfortable, i have no words for this Pink nail polish it dries so quick and looks pretty everytime i apply it!! Again i am wearing this in MY OOTD video so check it out :) for details  And this is my fav nail art i did till date :) when it is night 1 a.m. and you do not get sleep and there are no good mov


UPDATED: THE PICS OF THIS POST GOT DELETED BY MISTAKE FROM BLOGGER FOLDER I LEFT THE BLOG POST AS IT IS :) Hope you guys are doing good here it is raining and such a wonderful cozy weather , i love it:) Pictures from my NIKON D3100 :- all the pictures are taken before and after using product for 1 months I was so dying to review this product but then you guys know i share the reviews only after i try them and come out with all the reactions,effects or adverse reactions after using the products , well after trying so many products i feel proud to find this product. Check out the pictures for details on product ,swatches,ways to use. I click them with lot of love to share with details :))   ABOUT: Liz Earle is  a Britain'16 years old company with botanical expertise they have all cruelty free skin care products from all ranges,all the skin care products are for all skin types and that's amazing , i sometimes feel even though my skin is normal but i


 Remember My previous handmade soaps Post?? CLICK HERE TO READ IT  So I am at 245 Blog Readers and thats a huge numbers of people i can say on my blog :) Thanks for your support!! I wanna say you guys thanks and here is my GIVEAWAY FOR YOU : I AM GIVING AWAY: GOAT MILK HANDMADE SOAPS TO ONE OF MY LUCKY READERS!! RULES: JUST 2 RULES: Since this giveaway is for my blog readers (If you want to be my blog reader just follow my blog above or by using subscribe by email on left) There are only 2 rules: SUBSCRIBE TO LOVELY POWERFULFLAMINGROSE CLICK CHANNEL HERE SUBSCRIBE TO SUPERPRINCESSJO CLICK   CHANNEL HERE And, COMMENT BELOW WHATS YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER!! With your comment also leave your youtube id and the name by which you follow this blog :)) GIVEAWAY STARTS: 12-July-2011 GIVEAWAY ENDS:19th-July-2011 P.S: Prize will be shipped you by the website directly, It is an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!! There will be one winner picked by Me :)

Memories from the past- Exchange Place

 I always thought and believed that life is a big travel, you always have to Move on with it- however i always believed that you need to carry on with you "some great memories" I have been organising my laptop recently as it is filled with huge data that i need to store and tranfer to my CDs that write from years, and always keep my pics as memories in them!! I still have lot of CDs at my parents place as i could not pick them at my wedding time as everything happened so fast it was like our marriage got fixed and we got married within 3 months, i just used these 3 months for shopping and planning and moving to a new city where my husband works!! Well i can go on and on and talk so much about it here, i will share with you guys the lovely place where i spent the lovely days of my life, its called exchange place in Jersey city, USA;-    These are the pictures i have taken during snow time :) Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments

88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette

BORNPRETTYSTORE PICKS: Wassup girls?? :) Its Monday... Its monday... week starts on Monday :)) lol ... Here is my Photography for you guys :) At front No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;8   At BACK No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;) except that P88 sticker The applicators were kind of broken so the sponge is very loose it was already off the applicator :) But i do not use such applicators for my makeup so i really do not care if they are fine or broken, I love my sigma brushes for makeup I have done random swatches from the 88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette And I love them , here you see them ABOUT: Online order can be placed on their website, it is easy and friendly, products shipped quickly, products keep changing and they add new products every now and then so keep checking for new offers and products available. METHOD: Can be used dry and wet both ways also try out t