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ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics

 Hello princesses, Remember that basket full of review i showed you a month back:) so here i am starting with those products slowly, i do it slowly after testing it on me , lol not on animals, for animal lovers it is good new i test on myself :)) :)  Here are the Picture speaking :) PICTURES : ABOUT: ELLIS FAAS is an international makeup cosmetics brand started in 2009 Feb by a makeup artist ELLIS FAAS,i tried the 3 lip glosses from them.They carry almost all the basic makeup products to do a full face makeup from foundation, concealer,eye shadows,blushes,lip glosses,mascara and more. I tried there lip products from all 3 categories of MILKY,CREAMY & GLAZED LIPS!! METHOD: Open the cap , twist the bottom nob, wait for the products to show on the brush and then apply gently .If one coat is not enough to cover up your lips wait for few seconds ,let it dry and apply the second coat. WHAT I LIKE: Unique packaging,which looks classy, various number of shad

Lace Satin lace Yardey london

 Hello Princesses, Hope you enjoying your week, also a very happy $th of July to my USA & CANADA readers, Life been very busy lately with me so along with making videos for YOUTUBE I have been busy with trying out some new products and planning for my next giveaway/contest, as things are moving on slowly, I thought to start posting the new reviews here which you do not find on my YouTube Channel ,I have been trying out this New fragrance from WIPRO YARDLEY which i got as gift from the company, the best thing is that a person personally came to give me this gift :) happened first time with me ,but i enjoyed this experience, So here is my review, I do not need to mention again that i write what i feel and what i think i do not care what others say about the product as , as long as the products is working good for me i love and if i have issues i scream it loud , lol that's how i am :)) Though sometimes i love to write a lot about some products and some i have not much to say,