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Nestal cosmetics

Hello Princesses, I want to introduce to a Nestal cosmetics and my experience with it, Here are the few pictures for you to get introduced with this makeup line, Ok so in my words it is very important have good pictures for a blog for blogging, because pictures speak for themselves to a major extent, so i love to share the pictures with details and swatches of the products. Now the views, ABOUT: Nestal cosmetics is a made in USA brand for all skin types and colors, i picked them when i was back in USA.they are dermatological tested . WHAT I LIKE: I like the sleek and small packaging easy to Cary in purse and during travel, light weight containers and the pigments on the shadow very matte and easily bendable and can be removed easily as well. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I didnt like this lipstick finish even after two or three finish it does-not give smooth complete coverage, since i have tries only this lipstick i am not sure about the other shades and lipstick

Beautyuk cosmetics makeup Review and swatches!

 I princesses, Today i have sever back ache I do not know why, but I am getting these back aches from a week now mostly at evening times, i have started feeling week due to this so i am mostly on bed rest, i do not know if it is temporarily or do i need to visit a doctor soon, well i am just hoping it to be better soon or else i will need to visit a doctor! Pray for me that everything gets fine.... Also if you have any ideas what can be done or what can be reasons do let me know, i will appreciate it, Well :)) the smiling fact is that i am sharing with you my lovely makeup that i am in love with these days, here are the Pics with swatches for you ladies. NOTE: Look at the details of the swatches on my finger Tips and Thumb!! Some Pictures speak for themselves right? :) So here are the details of the products: Packaging: Amazing black containers, nice modeling and labeling I am totally in Love! remember? I Love anything in Black so this was my love at first sigh


 Hello Princesses, I hope you all having a fabulous weekend and enjoying your summer breaks :) I love summer for its bright sun and the food and fruits we get this session . I love MANGOES i can eat them in kgs lol...just kidding i can eat them in any form my fav is to make Mango milk shake and drink it all day :) Well i went out shopping yesterday (Saturday) and this is what i wore, i also did a makeup for summer yesterday this was the look i am wearing in Pictures, i will share the video here below for you guys. I Love the wording on my T-shirt:  IF YOU ARE COOLER THEN ME DOESN'T THAT MAKES ME HOTTER THAN YOU?? OUTFIT:- TOP:WESTSIDE RED SHORTS: WESTSIDE SHOES: CARLTON LONDON glads. I love them most very comfortable, i prefer to wear them usually  when i know i have to walk a lot !! PURSE:HIDESIGH leather white, snake print . WATCH: FOSSIL NY ACESSORIES: earrings ,necklace,hello kitty bracelet SoHo NY, butterf