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Goat Milk Soaps-Handmade

 On My my, my skin feels so soft and supple!! i can see the shine and also feel that my complexsion is lighter then before, here is the secret!!! i am using milk for my skin!! and not cow or buffalo milk.. It is GOAT MILK!! Yes, you read it right i am using goat milk soaps enriched with Vitamin E, and anything that has Vitamin E is always good for skin,at least i love and trust Vitamin E!!! I remembered when i had chicken pox just 2 months before my wedding!! i was trashed and so worried with the bad skin marks i had specially on my whole body and face, no cream or cosmetic could help me so fast i was sure of that!! then , one of my friend suggested to use Vitamin E oil, I just bought 2 or 3 types of Vitamin E oils ( i means differebt brands of Vit E oils)  and started using it all over my body and face daily , I remember the virus has infected my younger sister after me and we both had very tough time , it was scary and very scary and imagine it is your wedding in 2 months how tras

Indian Bridal Colorful Makeup

Hello Princesses, Hope you all are doing good Today! I am in love with colors this summer, i think spring and summer is the time to get colorful, This afternoon i was just sitting by the window and watching the sky it was so bright the the clouds looked just Blue and white i gazed at them for few minutes and thought to film a Bridal Tutorial. The Best Palette that i found from all the Palettes that i have is this 120 color palette that i picked from 2 months back, and i am glad that i made a right decision to pick this Palette , in just few swatches i could find the exact colors that i was looking for my Requested Bridal makeup tutorial. Here is my lovely makeup Palette, it contains 2 layers of eye shadow trays but both can be removed from the box as per my use!! This is Pr 120 Color Eye Shadow Warm Make Up Palette 3#  Price :USD 22.99 Shipping is Free that is amazing :)) what else you can expect from a company when you get international shipping