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 hey lovely ladies, so here i just finished my nail manicure,i painted my nails with recent trend called color Blocking!! yes it is, what if they consider it only in clothing i have my own fashion statement and i call it Nail fashion-color Blocking ... So here are the nail polishes from my nail polish collection (which is not very huge though :D, but huge enough to pick few fav colors for summer)   :) that i used for this weekend special Nail art, yes because it's time that i get to spend with my sweetheart,my hubby so need to be very special,he gets surprised with my new weekend styles (obviously men are bad at understanding women fashion , lolzzz). These are the 5 shades that i used:   WET and WILD: NEW, 234 jade STREET WEAR:Shine Divine ,pink divine NK: 076 teal, with hardner L.A. COLORS:color craze with nail hardner STREET WEAR: Shine Divine,blue divine And this is how my lovely hands/nails look now :)  Also we crossed 200+ Followers on http://www.princessj

SuperPrincessjo's 8th INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY (HeyThereSugar)

  REVIEW / GIVEAWAY OPEN (HeyThereSugar) Hey Pretty princesses, Many of you must be knowing by now that i made partner with Youtube so ...Now i have my own Branded channel on youtube so i have uploaded the same banner as of my blog to my YouTube channel. But i will be updating my banner with some links soon as thats what is required for easy access :) So i am super excited that i made partner and now the google ads will run in all my videos and i will make some money..oh really?? :P oh ya i will, but how much that i will still have sit and watch :) lolzzz well thats not actually the most exciting thing,the excitement is that i got channel banner which i always wanted to put as my own channel , feels so good , yeah it feels like my hardwork paid off soon , i actually didn't expect things going so well so soon but actually i can say they did and here i am writing this post to share my thoughts with my lovely readers :) SO ENTER MY YOUTUBE PARTNER GIVEAWAY AS A TOKEN OF LOV