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Billion Dollar Brows

 Hello Pretty princesses, Here are the tools you need to get started for achieving perfect brows,As promised checkout the details of the product i used in today's tutorial.   TIP: you require perfect lighting for twee-zing/shaping eyebrows.Make sure the white eyebrow pencil is sharp at all the times. To maintain eyebrow shape: USE brow buddy tool monthly, i used it for the second time and i love it. to grow over twee-zed or this eyebrows use brow boost which has proteins and vitamins that helps condition and strengthen this eyebrow hair. You can use Castor oil for this purpose as well,its my personal tried out tip. bdb products: Cosmetics: Universal Brow Pencil Brow Gel Brow Powder Tools: Angled tip / Spoolie brush bdb Tweezers Here is the code to get 15% off on your next order.  Please use Coupon Code: retcustomer15 the company also offers 30 days money back guarantee on all their products so you can shop tension free and try out some amaz


 HELLO, So i used VEET again and i wanted to review it since long!! i have been using VEET for years (atleast 4 to 5 years since i was in school) with no side effects, usually people say one should not use hair removing creams due to the effects on the skin, it harms the skin,makes it dark also can cause some burning and irritation, all of my friends infact most of them say not to use hair removing creams!!! But what if you have to dress up for a party and you have baby hair on your body??and you do not have time to go to a salon for waxing!! will you not change the plan to wearing something else instead of your fav dress ??? sounds sad right?? Yes it is sad,at-least for me i love wearing what i want and never want to change plans...  well what i do then is use VEET hair removing cream which works fast (only 3mins) quicker then the time i take bath :)) I personally never had any issue VEET and i do not think it makes my skin dark, as i always feel my legs are fairer then my face skin


Hello again, A lot of you have been curiously asking me for what i have been doing so long?what kind of videos coming next?when will i do a new tutorial also few have asked me for the winners of $231 International giveaway. So here is a small post to tell you guys what videos are coming up!!!!  This is a very small glimps of what i have been doing for a month trying out new products!!!So now i am gonna share with you these videos along with some NEW VIDEOS!! Stay tuned, off to sleep, sweet-dreams:) its 11.30.PM on INDIA time for me to sleep:) as i have to go to Post Office to pick a package as today the mail boy took back my package as i was not at home he did not handle it to anyone else ,Weirdo :D , well love n have a safe week wherever you are :) Thanks for reading princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


Hello Princesses, Hope you all are having a fab week, i am busy with life settling here that requires me lot of effort to look for places to shop and get my requirements here, which is very tiring , but lot of fun but shopping is not easy though!!! Well recently i picked my most desired mirror and today i picked my most desired light lamp which i may require at times of bad lighting ,i fixed two natural day light lights in my closet room  :) how exciting:P and after fixing these two lights i don't think i will need any table lamp but i also bought a table lamp,to be on safer side:P here are the pics of what i picked today:  BULBS:   PHILIPS Essential 18W Cool daylight Price: IND Rs 200, USD $ 4.50 (approx)  LONG LIFE - 3 Yrs CLAIR COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMP (Which is must for videos), 30W  Price: IND Rs 300 . USD $ 6.50 (approx) LONG LIFE - 4 Yrs LAMP: MADE IN INDIA no manufacturer mentioned on the lamp,i got it from a electrical store near by . Price: IND Rs


Hello Princesses, I have entered a saree contest, I need you votes to support me, Please do vote for me by using, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, or Digg buttons given below my entry on the link. THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE :) HERE IS THE LINK: VOTE FOR ME by CLICKING HERE PLEASE THANKS THE CONTEST IS OPEN FOR ONE MORE DAY SO PLEASE QUICKLY VOTE ALSO ENTER IT IF YOU ARE A SPORT LIKE ME :) AND WANNA WIN $200 WORTH SAREE!! Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!   Lolzz you guys must be thinking what happened?? well i am super duper excited , my one Month searxh for my vanity mirror or Table mirror or cosmetic mirror of desktop mirror or many dressing mirror is OVER!!! YES!! i FOUND the mirror i have been searching for a month!! Since the Time i moved to INDIA i have been looking for table mirror with metal body, one side magnification,long stand and strong body!! that i can use while shooting my YouTube videos....  The one month long search has finally come to an end when i surprisingly found it at a place where i least expected it!!! The story is quite long but in short,i have been looking for mirror i tweeted ,updated my facebook ,asked for suggestions and help for sites that ship to India as i was not able to find any dtore here which sells these kind of table mirror, i have been very irritated while searching for mirror as Amazon doesn't ship them