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DIY : Skin care at home : Lighten your skin & Rose Like Glow

UPDATES 03-03-2014 THE PICS GOT DELETED BY MISTAKE FROM THE BLOGGER FOLDER I LEFT THE REVIEW AS IT IS.INSTEAD OF DELETING IT..  Hey Princesses , How are you all doing today? well when i am busy settling down here in India i am still taking care of my health and beauty, The weather here is hot,and since i came here from Jersey City which was cold and still snowing now and then, My skin went for a toss as heavy climatic changes it went through also due to my busy schedule and lot of traveling here ,dust ,pollution,sun rays and weather all are affecting my Skin! I though of sharing with with you what i do to take care of my skin at home that helps me to save lot of money and time and prevents me to go to My fav Lo'real Salon here. Lets begin........ Here is my step by step process:- I usually use face-packs twice a week to keep my skin clean and give it a clean and cold treatment, i tried out a new mud pack this time it is called Alaska mud pack it is purifying m