April 07, 2011

DIY : Skin care at home : Lighten your skin & Rose Like Glow

 Hey Princesses ,
How are you all doing today? well when i am busy settling down here in India i am still taking care of my health and beauty, The weather here is hot,and since i came here from Jersey City which was cold and still snowing now and then, My skin went for a toss as heavy climatic changes it went through also due to my busy schedule and lot of traveling here ,dust ,pollution,sun rays and weather all are affecting my Skin!
I though of sharing with with you what i do to take care of my skin at home that helps me to save lot of money and time and prevents me to go to My fav Lo'real Salon here.
Lets begin........

Here is my step by step process:-

I usually use face-packs twice a week to keep my skin clean and give it a clean and cold treatment, i tried out a new mud pack this time it is called Alaska mud pack it is purifying mud masque for all skin types that the best thing that i don't need to worry weather it will suit my skin or not, this green one that i used is in Vanilla -lavender relaxing mask! 

Tip: whenever you use a mask or any skin pack do not talk, as talking makes your skin pull and then you tend to get more loose and wrinkle prone skin! so keep quite :) for 15 mins :)

One day after the face pack i wanted to reduce the my dark facial hair which i do not have much bot still i like to keep my skin clean and it bleach makes it look lighter then the actual skin complexion, so i used my RITE AID creme Bleach which is better then the Jolen bleach no doubt as it acts faster for me 5 minutes are enough to bleach my facial hair but if your hair are thick and darker then you can extend the use for 5 more minutes.

Tip: make sure to check your hair after 5 minutes of application with a spatula so that you don't over lighten them.

After you wash your face with cold water ,pat dry your face and let it dry, after use clean your spatula and try and preserve it,

Then , since the bleach is a chemical which also has Aloe Vera but to make sure it doesn't harm your skin and to give the skin freshness i used my Dabur Gulabari face freshener which is a rose water freshener.

 The pump is very good and helps in easy application it can be used to spray the rose water directly on face ( avoid your eyes )

The rose water is a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer 3 -in-1 action and you can see in the above picture even after washing the face with water, the rose water can pull out so much of dirt from the skin and helps to clean the pores deeply and also tones the skin which makes the skin clean, tighter , shiner ,supple and shin feels so fresh!!


Finally the skin is fresh ,clean, bright !! check out the difference below :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this review ,i loved the rose water smell :)

I am off to shopping :) 

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

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