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HELLO KITTY BAG & LED LAMP!! Budget gadget is located in Shen Zhen, China, I got my parcel from there when i was in USA, i was trying to use this cute little lamp which i actually thought was bigger in size when i ordered it ,however when i received it, it looked very small but cute !  The light is LED lamp which is amazing white light with square bulbs,as i dont like yellow lights, though i can not use this light for my videos but i can use it for many other stuffs like late night reading my SiFi novels( i love Robin Cook)  and when i require a little amount of lighting, the stand of the LED lamp is fragile and can be bend in any any shape easily i love playing with it like you play with a toy !!:) it is wireless gadget and it works with three 1.5V batteries(included in the pack) which are not rechargeable so i need to buy the new battery every time.The lamp is very light in weight.I was so worried when i packed it, because i was sure it will break being so fragil