March 12, 2011

7 Days Challenge -Glitter Gal Holographic nail polish

Hey Princesses,

I hope all are doing good, my prayers are with the Japan ,if you are there please stay safe i pray that everybody stays safe and this time passes by soon.

Well If you follow me on twitter you know that i have been busy packing recently but still i could manage to do my You Tube videos for my channel, recent one is the most requested "Get to know me better-TAG" video, I TAG you all for this video so that you can post a video response if you wish too :)

Well recently i have been testing out a Nail Polish for 2 weeks continuous i wore on my nails hand n toe both,and here i am sharing my view about it.

I have been taking picture every night to see whats the difference between the nail polish color when we wear it continuously and keep doing our regular household work,and use water with out any protection (gloves).


So i what i felt is i love this Nail Polish i wish to get some pretty colors soon, also look at the pics it only started little fading from Day 5 and in the Day 7 very lil almost negligible fading,i love it!!

This Nail Polish is from Australia the Brand is Glitter Gal.

With my experience as a makeup artist and my interest in trying out new products as long as i feel they are safe after i do a 24Hrs test on my skin,Nail,hair i feel i can identify a wide variety of great makeup and nail polish range. 

Glitter Gal has varies makeup and Nail Polish collection, I picked a Nail Polish as i always wanted to use the Nail Polish that stays for at-least a week on nails with regular water use and does not fade away and start falling.As most of us do not have enough time to apply nail paint so frequently.

I loved the great quality of this Nail Polish, the packaging was very eye-catching and fast,they ship internationally so i did not had any issue with it and the price for this product is very affordable for the quality i got.   
I also came to know that They want to expand their business and  are also seeking International stockists. So if or anyone you may know maybe interested in stocking their products, please “contact me or them”.

This is a holographic Red nail polish as these have been receiving great international recognition recently due the high quality.I wanted to try this out and i am amazed with that i finally found a satisfactory product,i have been looking for.

Nail Polish Detail:
Australian made”3D/holographic” nail polish: RED
Price: AUD$11.95
Colours: Available in 27 colors
Summary: These are light reflective, chip resistant and salon quality so it also protected my nails from chipping which i loved the best as i got a two in one product i don't have to struggle with 3-4 different nail polishes now to save my nails from chipping,staining,breaking,and all that .

Glitter Gal Holographic nail polish
Holographic nail polishes are exceptional quality and they pay off for the price. 
 The holographic particles is used in the formulation is expensive then the regular nail polishes so the prices are little high but affordable. 


My You Tube Recent Videos: Thanks you all for your support means a lot,Also i made partner for my few videos so that's exciting :)

Stay safe and pray for Japan victims.

I will take a nap now as due to Tsunami news i could not sleep,I slept only 4 Hrs last night and my head is spinning now,Till my next post Chao Chao :) (I mean C ya :) learn t this much Italian from my frien Aminasoule's channel :)) lolzzzz...

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

March 07, 2011

Videos ..

Hey Guys,

Here the 2 videos for the spring season ,as promised :) please check it out the spring hairstyle and the spring makeup tutorial .

Whats do you guys thinks about the lenses??

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo

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