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SPRING OOTD Hey Guys, Another spring OOTD, Here i am wearing: MAGENTA WOVEN TOP from I LOVE H-81 SHORT PINK FOREVER-21 WATCH BLUE KESSARIS QUARTZ EARINGS SWAROVSKI NECKLACE BLUE CRYSTALS FROM NY FOOTWEAR i don't remember :) but casual and comfortable:) Also, i want to let you guys know that now i have purchased the domain fro my blog so now its my Website: If you guys hit me through my old blog-spot link it will still redirect you guys to my new domain thats my website address : Also my free blog space was over so i had to buy the more space,i really didnt know that when i started blogging :) But its my hobby to Blog and keep ypu guys updated so i bought more space for my Blog!! Also the makeup I am wearing here i have done a Video on this SPRING makeup tutorial so i will upload it as soon i finish editing it! Also i have an exciting news for you guys but then i have to wait for a w


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OOTD- outfit of the day and HAUL

Hey Guys, Here is another quick OOTD, i was going out yesterday to shop in NY this is what i wore.I love this Polka dots kind of Top that i got from EXPRESS but these are small hearts printed on a soft chiffon navy blue top. I love the material and the super soft feeling i get when i wear it, also this is so trendy and in fashion these days. I AM WEARING: LAUREN CONRAD sweater in grey i love the patter of this cardigan which is unique and stylish when it flows on the chest . Polka dots (hearts) top from EXPRESS . Black skirt from GLOBUS INDIA. ARDEN B shoes in pencil heels i love the shoes patter to tie the knots of shoe lace. KESSARIS QUARTZ watch in Navy blue with a small heart charm hanging close to dial. BAG from NINE WEST MY lenses are from GEO colored circle lenses Jewelery from SoHo NY i love the color grayish black  And Finally a new hairstyle a Updo Bun thats the best and easy way to do when you don't want/have to spend more