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Happy BirthDay To Love of my LIFE

Hi guys, Hope you all are having fun, well i have been sick for 2 days with severe headache and fever but feeling much better now . I get these bad headaches once in while but really don't know why may be its because of the cold weather , but what i think is ,its due to the wisdom tooth that i am getting from years and still its not out completely ,i consulted a dentist,he said there is a small skin covering my wisdom tooth so when it grows it pushes that skin(jaw skin) and i get that pain.Dentist gave me medicine for tooth ache .But there is nothing that can be done for this as of now they want to give some-more time to my wisdom tooth to grow so i have to bear the pain till its completely out. He said if finally it comes out ,but the covering skin still doesn't move then he has to do a minor operation to cut the skin so that i tooth comes out fully fledged.I am so scared to do that as i am so scared of dentist's instruments and tools.I hate that drilling sound so badly it

"We Love Colors" Review

We Love Colors Review: Hey Guys, It gives me great pleasure in reviewing " We Love Colors Tights " as they are the best tights I've ever worn.  The color combination's are so super perfect that they match to any skin tone and to any attire. They've got a variety of colors to chose from, along with all the possible sizes ranging from kids to plus sizes. "What I got from We Love Colors?" - I got the " Neon Blue " and the " Teal " from their new six color collection. They are super comfortable and stick to body. They seldom loosen or fade out their original color. They are pretty comfortable and warmer as well, as I wore them last week and it was snowing here in Jersey City. The tights are composed of 90% Nylon and 10% spandex which is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.                                                  These are the two shades that i got!!

Celebrate Valentines Day with your best Look!!

 Celebrating love and affection,here is the two Valentine's day makeup tutorials. Check out my you tube channel and facebook page for current giveaways as well there is lot more to win. For more: *Subscribe to my You tube channel: *Like My Facebbok page: *Follow my Blog: FOR FIRST VIDEO Products Used: ELF eyelid primer MILANI GOLD eye shadow ELF eye shadows ELF professional makeup brushes MAC eyeliner Maybelline Mascara in 9X volume HARD CANDY lipgloss in visibly wet FOR SECOND VIDEO Products Used: Products Used: ELF eyelid primer ELF eye shadows ELF professional makeup brushes MAC eyeliner Maybelline Mascara in 9X volume REVLON lustrous lipgloss Love superprincessjo Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


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