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Shave and Moisturize-Oliveology Shave Gel

 Hey everyone, So if you have watched my recent video you already know what is this post about. Oliveology is 100% natural made with extra virgin olive oil.It can be used for men and women both. Oliveology's Shave Gel is an 100% All-Natural formula. Unscented, uncolored - It gives you a smooth, safe, fast and even moisturizing shave. === What Are the Ingredients? === Purified water, olive oil, denatured alcohol (from corn), glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose (from cotton) isopropyl myristate (from coconut oil), vitamin E, aloe vera, sangre de grado extract, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate. Company Website: Review:

I am featured on Home

Hey lovely followers, I have an axciting news for you guys to share with i have been featured on home page. It feels so good that they wanted to feature me and requested for my permission which i definitely granted :) I hope you guys look at it and follow me there..i am definitely gonna follow you guys so you are invited to come and join this site,It;s Free :) This is one site where you can add your videos from youtube,blog ,status and outfit of the day pics.It works fun!! Check it out :) Here are the sceen shots for you guys.My Tips have been featured at the top of the page and my videos below :) Also my Blog and Facebook reached more then 50 Followers so its time to plan anothet giveaway for you guys.!! Hurrey.. Thanks  Luv you all  Keep following  SuperPrincess Jo

Ecco bella Skin Care Products/Review.

UPDATED: 20-MAR-2014 THE PICS OF THIS POST GOT DELETED BY MISTAKE FROM BLOGGER FOLDER I LEFT THE BLOG POST AS IT IS :)   Hey Beauties, Hope you all had a fun filled weekend , i had a fantastic weekend firstly we went to Central park New York ,then we went for the Tangled Movie in AMC 3D theater in New York, we also went to Brayant Park for snow skating and finally the day ended up at Lobster New york with a romantic Dinner date. Obviously with my prince charming my hubby whom i love beyond Infinity.  So, It was a fantastic weekend, and i love spending as much time as i can with my hubby we are more like best friends then husband and wife and that's very much fun always. Well that was my amazing fun filled weekend.What did you guys do? let me know.  Also this is gonna be a Bad Review about the product i got this weekend through mail and the packaging was very good so i was excited to open it as it was cosmetics!! Ecco Bella was started to provide cruelty free organ