January 07, 2011

DIY:-How to clean your Makeup brushes

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Princess Jo

I am a Diamond Brush Winner!

Hi Beauties,
Today i am so excited to hear a good and exciting news that i won a Diamond brush!! Heyy.....
It's just that once i just came across a contest from on of my subscribers and i had to leave the comment telling the videos i would like to see in future and she choose the winner at random and the first good news of the new year 2011 is that i got lucky!! I won !!!
So here is the contest Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-u2qSHdbS8

Here is the Results video:

So thats really amazing and fun :) i will definitely share with you the pictures once i receive the package.

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Princess Jo

January 06, 2011

My Birthday and Colors

Hi Everyone ,
Below are the pictures of my Fav palettes that i am in love with the most fav is my SEPHORA 188 Pallete that has everything that a woman need for makeup.
Whats your fav palettes let me know!!


My Fav Earrings of 2010

Hi Beautiful gals,
As you all know i don't do my fav Products of the months videos as i think they are nothing different when u do ur regular videos people what what products you used.
So i have started recently posting few of my Fav products of last year 2010 as i have been getting requests on jewellery collection and makeup collection requests which i plan to do sometime later. So here is a series that i started from New year to share with you my fav products my makeup jewellery clothing etc.to share so that you guys know what i use and love.
Here is a small collection of my Fav jewellery that i use more often if you have checked my videos and pictures you spot me in them quite often.
So just enjoy the collection i am sharing few pictures of my fav jewellery especially earrings in this post.Also, Keep yourself updated on these posts will help you in upcoming Contest.

January 05, 2011

My fav Eyelinears and CONTEST updates

 Hi people,
So here are my fav eye linears that i love the most because of the color and the smoothness and hpw easily i can apply them, if you are planning to change your eye linears try them out i am sure you will love them specially if you are a biggner to makeup.

Beautiful Eyes/Contest Updates

Hi people,
So I was wondering that whats are the products that made me fall in love with makeup and cosmetics in last few months and the products that i loved the most, i have been in makeup since i was in school and i always loved the basic makeup of eyes and lips i cant go out of house without a mascara and kohl or you can say kajal its must for my eyes and for lips the basic necessity is a good lip balm or a nice moisturizer but a gloss is always my fave as top coat. 
But recently been creating lot of looks and experimenting with makeup i started using lot of lashes and i am kind of in love with the varieties and the options available out in market .

So here are few of my Fav lashes that use the most and love their pattern. And among these the most fav is Diva 03 by i envy.

So here are the pics for you guys and also would like to tell you for my upcoming contest i am planning to giveaway one of these the choice is yours/Winner.

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