October 31, 2011




I tried the rose geranium soap from Soulflower India its a 100% Vegan organic soap it is made up of Natural vegetable oils and glycerine which is very good for skin. It does not contain any animal products like milk or honey totally animal free!!

Its a 2 layer soap for 2 skin types you can see the soap in white and pink layers looks pretty though...

It is very good for partly oily skin or partly dry skin my skin is combination skin my nose and forehead is oily and cheeks and chin is dry so this is like a blessing to my skin.

Rose revives dull or oily complexion & Geranium helps maintain balance between oily and dry skin

If you are suffering with acne,skin burn or sluggish skin geranium is god send,it helps reduce sebum production also returns to normal level

Helps clear congestion from skin thus avoids acne and other skin problems.

It is Perfect for combination, dry dehydrated, oily skin

It Contains : rose hip, rose $ geranium,essential oils, crushed rose petals, glycerin, vitamin, aqua olive, coconut, Castor palm $ palm kernel oil.

Does not contain artificial hardener & preservatives ,so prevents harsh chemicals to harm your skin.

I store it in a cool dry place for longer shelf life, Like I keep the soap close to at my bathroom window (closed... LOL),so it dries soon after every use. Check the pic above :))

Crushed rose petals provide extra aroma and scent to the soap I am in so much love with this rose aromatic smell:)

The Geranium essential oil it contains has:

1. Calms irritated skin, clearing acne,boosting poor circulation,helps to sort out bruises,burns,cuts,eczema
2. Due to balancing action,it helps to boost $ improve the elasticity of the skin
3.astringent, antiseptic,tonic,antibiotic and anti infectious

Rose and rose hip essential oils heal:

1.Scars including acne scars and old scars
2.dry eczema
3.skin burns including sun burn
4.rehydrates dry skin
5.repair damaged skin eels of all sorts
6. Reduses wrinkles.


Method: use it as you use ny normal bathing soap, just make sure to use it more on effected or problematic area,or also you can use it on face only and other soap for body wash :)

What I like:beautiful look, fragrance in it,also my skin feels smoother and healthy
What I didn't like:NA
Shipping: 1 week to reach from Mumbai to Bangalore that's quite ok :)Packaging: satisfactorily
quantity: great quantity the soap is big in size and can be used for longer time.
Quality: great quality 
Price: Checkout there website for various offers and current prices.

Website For More products : SOULFLOWER
Overall: Soulflower products are available at Shoppers Stop, Crossword, Home Stop, Tresorie & Central outlets PAN India . I am enjoying this soap bath, the best part is every time my bathroom door opens it send beautiful aroma to all my house very nicely , i would love to continue use it again and again.
My updates:I Crossed 4100 plus subscribers on YouTube Make and Fashion channel and more then 661,813 Plus Video Views 2 excitements at the same time :)) Congrats to me and you all :)

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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