September 01, 2011

Makeup Storage /collection

 Happy Ganesha Chaturthi To all My Indian Readers who are celebrating , I do celebrate it too :)
So after all the rituals i did today for Lord Ganesha , Here I am with the start of a new series of Makeup Review of all the makeup That I own, That will help someone somewhere to know about the product, I can just share my opinion about the products but the final results and opinion may vary from person to person, The makeup works  differently for various skin tones but the magic is how to use it to make it look good on you, So with the first day of This series,
First I would like to share the pictures of My makeup storage way and then I will regularly review the products from Lips, Eyes,Face one by one. I have been getting lot of requests on YouTube to do the Makeup storage and makeup collection Video, But i was not able to do it till date, so I thought It would be great If I can share some pictures of My makeup collection and storage on My Blog , hopefully I will do the video soon on my YouTube

This is How I store My makeup:

I Keep almost all My Makeup In these 2 Drawers,which I keep in a room that I use only to keep My stuff Like clothes,makeup ,shoes . The first one is a wooden cupboard with a drawer on top, I keep some of My stuff Inside this, it has doors with lock and keys so i can even lock it when i want to, Also the doors stop dust to enter so everything remains clean and hygienic as i like it :)

I Keep My mostly used makeup In these drawers which has 6 Drawers, I Organize is From Top to bottom as
  • 1st drawer:- Lipsticks and Lip glosses
  • 2nd drawer: Eye Liners and Lip liners
  • 3rd drawer:-Single,dual,trio,quad or Loose eye-shadows
  • 4th drawer:Mascaras and primers
  • 5th drawer:Foundations and compacts
  • 6th drawer   : Blushes and Bronze-rs
  • On TOP of the Drawers I keep 2 baskets ,this is where I keep My All Makeup palettes, which contains, BH Cosmetics, SEPHORA, Coastal scents, Dior, NYX palette, Born Pretty store, Camelion, ELF makeup palettes etc ...

This is the closeup of everything together, I also use My wooden Drawer cupboard on Top to store some hairsprays,deodorant,perfumes,lotions,jewelery  etc...

This was a brief of my makeup collection & makeup storage , So Look for this space for Upcoming reviews and my thoughts ..... :)
Take care

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Jo u got a nice colelctions and perfect storage strategy hahaha =) I loved the fact that u organized in this way by putting lipsticks in the first drawer.
    Hey in the last drawer i could see the rimmel bronzer :)) ahahaha ur very tidy! great post =)

  2. amazing collecion! I have a huge problem with dust as well.

    Following your blog now! Please check out mine :)

  3. Uniquestar84:thanks dear , i like to keep this way so that i can find them easily and they are safe even when i have dust or people at home :) also i love lipsticks so they are on top :) yes the rimmel bronzer and blush is in last drawer, Thanks:)

  4. Sidrah: :) Thanks dear, thanks for following i will checkyour blog for sure ...

  5. very organized Jo.
    Happy Vinayaka Chaviti :)

    Deepika <3

  6. Thanks Deepika , wish you the same :)

  7. wow... nice collection.. cant wait to see whats inside those drawers !

  8. Deeptima: Thanks...Yes slowely i will do the required posts :)

  9. u r just amazing dear....keep rocking...:)

  10. MASSIVE collection! SO cool! :) <3

    1. Thanks Sum, I shall do another post soon :) <3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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