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Craziest Thing I ever did !Happy Friendship Week!

The craziest thing that i ever did was, when i was in my school II nd  std definitely a innocent baby , i always wondered when i ate egg , that my mother cooked the baby chicken inside egg, that becomes Yolk after cooking !!
Since i read in my school books that chicken is born after hatching. I always wanted to break open the egg . But I never asked my parents about it ! I still dont know why? i didn't ask them about it, but with this question in my mind, I wanted to see it myself, so one fine day after school,when i was waiting for my school bus to pick me up,along with other children i was playing outside my school (sec 47 Chandigarh K.V 47) i kept my school bag in the school bus Que and asked my friend Rohit who was just in I std to come with me to check the egg :P
 I convinced him to steel a egg from the sardar uncle's stationary shop who also had some eatables in his shop!!
 So we very cleverly just picked one egg from the huge stack of egg trays and we ran to a tree close by , foolishly we break-open the egg on the trunk of the tree, and Miss Dr.Jo (I was operating the egg :P) very smartly picks up a stick from the road and tries searching for the baby chicken in the York!! and before we could realize the fact that sardar uncle saw us steeling his shop's egg ,he was standing just behind me,I turn look at his huge body he holds my both tiny hands in his one hand and my dear friend Rohit's two tiny hands in his other hands, By this time My school bus had come to pick us,our conductor Uncle was looking for the owners of the 2 school bags that were lying there, he asked the sardar uncle (shopkeeper) to leave us but the sardar shopkeeper uncle was so strict he refused to leave us so finally my good conductor uncle paid him the egg money to take us outside his custody!! I so scared and worried if My mom comes to know this she will beat me (LOL that she never did in my whole life :P) i was in so much tension after this incidence that what if my Dad comes to know that i stole one egg from the shop, the matter was that since The sardar uncle had stationary shop before school my Dad used to buy me school stationary/stuff from his shop !! But with God;s grace whenever i went to this shopkeeper shop with my dad ( I used to hide myself below his table so that he cant see me, but today i Think he was a kind man who never complaint to my Dad ,even if he would have recognized me(at-least i believe that he knew i was the same child who stole one egg:P ).

When i grew Up i told my parents about this Incidence, that too very late when i was in College i told them about this whole story and they smiled :) as i am smiling right now writing this for you...

Rohit Today is a Software Engineer he finished his MS from Virginia University U.S.A his wedding is in Jan 2012 he just got engaged last month with a beautiful tall girl.

With that Note I wish you all get a supportive and king friend as i have who are with you in every step in your life!! Most Importantly in all your silly steps of your Life.



 Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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