August 04, 2011

Call it a begining..

So I have been Blogging for close to10 months now, and there have been tremendous thoughts that keep coming into my mind , that i think again and again but never expressed to anyone, But i can not stop myself from writing about them anymore, no-more can i juggle-up with these thoughts. My always wandering mind , when i was a teenager i always read Linda Goodman i have 3 copies of the same book, i have read it almost 10 times and some horoscopes countless times the one among is the Pisces that's I am (being born on 20Th Feb) . I always relied on it so much for the guidance i took is as my guide in dealing with people and i read it like  Bible word by word understanding everything, i never knew how big is life then ,what i will finally land up doing with my life or what will i choose my carrier as.But i know that i loved reading the Linda Goodman star signs . Of all the knowledge that i have of astrology, sun-signs,star signs ,horoscopes always made me to deal with a person/friend in that way, I always thought even if someone is bad to me ignore it because he or she is born that way, its not his or her fault god has made him/her this way, and i spent all my life ignoring people,forgiving people and trusting people on the basis of that . Which was helpful to an extent but not always.
I don't know why this thing came into my mind today and i felt like expressing but As Friendship day is approaching may be i was counting my real friends ,those i wish them from my heart and some flash back from the past popped in my mind thats how life is !!

Wish you all a very happy friendship week and enjoy!

Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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