August 31, 2011

Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub


So after using it regularly for months i thought to review it today:

ABOUT: Bio Walnut Purifying & Polishing Scrub ( for normal to dry skin) :-It is considered as a Ayurvedic Medicine with many purifying and pampering benefits.No Animal Testing, Dermatological tested product :). The company says:-  " This is not a cosmetic product.It has therapeutic properties"

METHOD: wash your face,then massage gently all over the face specially on the oily skin parts slowly and gently, avoid area close to eyes and nose, wash with water finally and then use a gentle towel to damp dry.

WHAT I LIKE: I love the smell, smells great,the texture of this exfoliating walnut scrub is amazing,the quantity is great I am still using it from months and still will continue.The walnut granules in the creame can be seen clearly an dbe felt while scrubbing on face,look at the pic above :)
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Sometimes i feel it is little greasy takes some time to wash it from face completely.I have been using it from a long time i really didn't see that big difference that i can confidently talk about, I felt it is same as My pond's white beauty face wash !!
SHIPPING: I picked the product In-store. Checkout the website for details
PACKAGING:Good plastic bottle packaging with a lid on top.
QUANTITY:Enough to use 50g of bottle for 6 or more months.
QUALITY:Amazing quality works slowly.
PRICE: INR 199 for 1.9oz/50g (Approx USD $ 5)
WEBSITE: Find more of the product details here

OVERALL: I love it overall, but My skin is sensitive so I don't use it everyday as it says, I use it ,Once a week, but you can use it as per your skin texture and requirement. I have been spending hundreds of Rupees on Biotique facials in the past but after trying these products myself I feel I can save lot of Money, I could buy the complete Biotique Kit on the Price of 2 Biotique facial sittings in parlors. So I think its a better option to buy the products and use yourself regularly and see the benefits as it takes time to show up actual results of these Ayurvedic medicine :) 

VIDEO ON : I thought of doing another HAUL video but I then dropped the thought so i will be sharing all the Biotique kit products slowly here on my blog with the Reviews.

MY UPDATES: I have planned to start a New makeup series for my blog, i will be doing more of My makeup products collection reviews in details with the pictures, i am Planning to start with The lipsticks :) As i stored all the lipsticks in the Top drawer of My makeup storage drawer. I will be finishing My storage drawer review From Top to bottom, So watch-out this space for more :)

Thanks for reading, Leave me a comment below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo

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