July 19, 2011

Update- Ovarian cyst Rapture

 Its been 3 days since i am on bed rest,it happened to me on Sunday early morning and it is now Tuesday over. I have been sleeping all day long today now when i am sitting on bed,i feel some kind of sensation of right lower abdomen, i feel like sleeping all the time as i don't feel this when i am asleep, it feels so boring being at home all alone, i wish i was healthy to work, i am taking 2 medicines as of now one is DOXY 1 it is for curing the infection and the other is DROTIN-M which is for the pain relief, all though my pain is reduced then before but i have this slight feeling of something pricking every now and then, but i feel definitely better then before, i also have this vomiting or puking sensation i think it is due to the infection, oh god i am so bored and tired of bed i cant do much things as i get tired and feel weak , i hope to get well soon, i will be much better only once i visit the doctor again this weekend after finishing my medicines, and after knowing the ultrasound results, Thus incidence shook me in and out , i pray that none else ever experience this Ovarian cyst Rapture issues.Hope for the best!!God bless us all, and hope he blesses me too i want to be perfectly fine and healthy!
If ever anyone has experienced this or you know more about it let me know, specially the medication and cure part i really want to know the cure part as my doctor said it is something that none can control and this thing keep happening and resolving by itself until it gets severe , and i do not wish to face any severe things in my health, i am so scared for the first time in life that this thing happened to me which i never imagined.
Well take care till i try to blog next!!

Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you get well soon :( take great care of yourself please! Lots of kisses and hugs! Loves

  2. Feel better hun! just relax and don't do anything. complete bed rest should make it better.

  3. Take good care of yourself. Rest and don't try to strain yourself!

  4. Get well soon..I am praying for you alot :(

    May you have the speedy recovery.,

  5. Thank you everyone i love u alll, i am better now :) much better

  6. Learn about ovarian cysts symptoms including pelvic or abdominal painovarian cyst

  7. Hey Jo,
    How do you feel now??

  8. Hey Jo,
    How do you feel now? Hope you feel better.
    I donno about doxy, but I usually have side effects from other meds.
    Take care and hugs :)

    1. hey sara thankyou so much for the comment , I am better now and got all my complete checkup done recently so thankfully no more cyst and everything is healthy...


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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