July 05, 2011

Lace Satin lace Yardey london

 Hello Princesses,

Hope you enjoying your week, also a very happy $th of July to my USA & CANADA readers,
Life been very busy lately with me so along with making videos for YOUTUBE I have been busy with trying out some new products and planning for my next giveaway/contest, as things are moving on slowly, I thought to start posting the new reviews here which you do not find on my YouTube Channel,I have been trying out this New fragrance from WIPRO YARDLEY which i got as gift from the company, the best thing is that a person personally came to give me this gift :) happened first time with me ,but i enjoyed this experience, So here is my review, I do not need to mention again that i write what i feel and what i think i do not care what others say about the product as , as long as the products is working good for me i love and if i have issues i scream it loud , lol that's how i am :)) Though sometimes i love to write a lot about some products and some i have not much to say,but i love sharing my thoughts :)

So first here are the few pictures, as i say Pictures speak for them self a lot ( conditions apply** use a good camera to share your pics , and my big camera helps me a lot with that :)) )


ABOUT: Its a Gift pack from WIPRO YARDLEY , thats how it is called in INDIA ,its actually YARDLEY LONDON globally :) Katrina kaif is the brand ambassador Yardley london. And WIPRO in INDIA acquired Yardley as international personal care product range. I used these two deodrants from the pack which are called LACE (blue bottle) & LACE SATIN (purple bottle)

METHOD: Open the cap ,push hard the nob and spray the deodorant !!! It is that easy :)

WHAT I LIKE: I like the gift pack how beautifully it is packed, In one pack it contains 2 of the 150ml deodorants.The pack is amazingly beautiful and a perfect gift in budget !

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I really do not feel that there is something that i do not like, I totally love the company, there coustomer service etc...

SHIPPING: fast as it reached me personally in 2 days! However the products are also available in various departmental stores across India,it depends who are the dealers and distributors in your area. I get it in a shop just opposite to my home.

PACKAGING: Brand new clean packaging also inside the pack the bottles are fixed so well that they won't shake.

QUANTITY: 150 ml and good enought for months you can pass whole summer with one bottle (unless yuo actually drink it lol )

QUALITY: Good quality products with no side effects ( but be sure of using it as deodrant only, be careful not so spray in your eyes and hair even not by mistake )

PRICE: The pack of 2 , 150 ml deodrants is IND Rs 300 (USD $ 6 approx)


OVERALL: Wipro consumer care is doing great job in marketing Yardley, the company helps to resolve all consumer care queries well, the products have international quality and service,i loved everything about them ,i do not have any issues, i but it and i will continue to rely on them for for products, Also they also have some products for men like after shave lotion, lather shaving creams that men can try :) . And i my personal fav is Yardley lace because it is mild and very gentle on my skin i can smell it again and gain, the satin lace is little strong for me ,and it feels more like a soap!!


Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Love Yardley's deos!!! Great post :D

  2. Oh nice blog post superprincessjo =) well the deign of the body spray is also cool apart form the quality of the product ( as i always trust your choice) =) wow it reached so soon nice. wish i could smell it lol

  3. thanks :) oh yes the design and print is pretty too :) thanks amy


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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