July 12, 2011

88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette


Wassup girls?? :) Its Monday... Its monday... week starts on Monday :)) lol ...

Here is my Photography for you guys :)

At front No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;8

  At BACK No labellings of the company Name or brand or the products name ;) except that P88 sticker

The applicators were kind of broken so the sponge is very loose it was already off the applicator :) But i do not use such applicators for my makeup so i really do not care if they are fine or broken, I love my sigma brushes for makeup

I have done random swatches from the 88 Colors Eyeshadow blush Pro Makeup Palette
And I love them , here you see them

ABOUT: Online order can be placed on their website, it is easy and friendly, products shipped quickly, products keep changing and they add new products every now and then so keep checking for new offers and products available.

METHOD: Can be used dry and wet both ways also try out the eye-shadows with some transparent nail enamel for lovely nail-polish colors :)

WHAT I LIKE: I like their website they have reasonable price and products available many options in different categories, My personal fav is their nail art brushes, I also love there loose eyeshadow i did a review on before : CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO, also Free Shipping worldwide!!

Slow Shipping !!

I received my long picked palette from Born-pretty store
 I got it in more then a month :8D

PACKAGING: Very nice double bubble wrap, the palette was safe.

QUANTITY: small 88 pot holes :) but looks cute .

QUALITY:nice colors,look pigmented and smooth,but breaks easily! (don't dig in your eye shadows lol )

PRICE: price USD $19.14 ( IND Rs 860 approx) +  Free Shipping worldwide no minimum order needed

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bornprettystore
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BornPrettyStore2010

EXCITING NEWS : 10% off coupon code for you MY subscribers, the coupon is JYOTIK31 YOU CAN USE THIS CODE TO GET 10% OFF SITEWIDE :)

OVERALL: Pricing is good , i like the pigments and the various shades,packaging is new they have started this new Palettes in shiny covers i like that, would be better fi they name there products I mean they label them with there brand Name, also i wish the shipping is fast so i don't wonder when i order next time .:))

VIDEO ON : You can watch the videos on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Ooooo well as of Now If you guys follow me on My FACEBOOK FAN PAGE & MY TWEETER you are updated with lot of my recent happenings if you havent yer just follow me and get connected Immediately!!

THE MOST EXCITING THIS IS THAT I GOT FEATURED IN STYLE HAUL RECENT EPISODE, I am happy and excited to make new friends and get new lovely subscribers :)

 If you havent seen the video yet here It is for you , though i wish they could have taken some other video then this :) as i myself not so satisfied with video i had fever when i shot this video so i look dull here but so wanted to do this 80's Look Inspired by Katy Perry , well I think "everything happens for good" I mean i did this video as i wanted to do so badly (even when i had fever) and they choose to feature this .So i am glad people like it!

Also my hubby and I planning to go an holiday in Mid of August to a Hill station, I hope it works out will ne more fun :)) I love the lovely foggy weather and early mornings and late nights Oooo gets me goose bums thinking of holiday its like adding more chocolate sauce on my chocolate cake  .

Wish you guys a lovely week ahead and ya " Its Monday... Its monday... week starts on Monday :)) lol ..."

Love u all
Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo
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