June 12, 2011

Look Divine...

Hello Princesses,

Hope you all having a fabulous weekend,
I have been trying out  this T.TAiO body scrubber, form quite a few weeks, and my skin looks very cleans no dead cells,not dry, smooth, and every-time i take bath i use it, even if i take bath twice a day, as it is very gentle on skin ,does not cause any cuts ,burns, harshness on my body.Its a made in Mexico body scrubber ,which gently exfoliates all the skin dead cells making my skin smooth and fresh my skin looks healthy and glowing it has soft elastic handle that helps to hold the exfoliater and and helps to easily control it to scrub the back, thighs and buttocks area.... :)) . I means it is very easy to use  and do not need to use those scrubbing body washes when you use it. The one that i am using is in baby pink color, it can be washed with water after every bath and can be air dried easily for next use.And it definitely helps for the blood circulation leaving my skin glowing.It is a bath / shower sponge.

here are the few pictures how it looks and works!!

The Price of this exfoliater is USD $1.32
Website : http://www.itt.com.mx/

OVERALL: Its is a very nice gentle body scrub that can be used daily to exfoliate, the sponge inside this scrubber helps to make good lather while bath/shower. deep skin cleansing and increases the blood circulation, I can use it in every bath. Only one thing that observed that with time the elastic handle gets loosen up and the grip looses so I need to hold the scrubber directly not with this handle as it slips :) Its very gentle so can be used on entire body even on face.

Take care,
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  1. i do use something like this in my shower it really works! thanks for shring this blog pot hun =) lvoe u

  2. thanks y Amy yes i use too something same, its called loofa from vega brand...

  3. My mom taught me to use rocks...I know it's kind of weird, but it works. My mom learned it from the Philippines, but your body scrubber is cheaper...maybe I'll try it :)

  4. This is such a great product for such a low price. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yeah Tina, using a particular type of stone i have seen to we use in INDIA too my granny use to use it long ago :) and it works too :))
    Lisa thank you welcome to my blog .Enjoying reading. :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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