June 10, 2011

Goat Milk Soaps-Handmade

 On My my, my skin feels so soft and supple!! i can see the shine and also feel that my complexsion is lighter then before, here is the secret!!! i am using milk for my skin!! and not cow or buffalo milk..
Yes, you read it right i am using goat milk soaps enriched with Vitamin E, and anything that has Vitamin E is always good for skin,at least i love and trust Vitamin E!!! I remembered when i had chicken pox just 2 months before my wedding!! i was trashed and so worried with the bad skin marks i had specially on my whole body and face, no cream or cosmetic could help me so fast i was sure of that!! then , one of my friend suggested to use Vitamin E oil, I just bought 2 or 3 types of Vitamin E oils ( i means differebt brands of Vit E oils)  and started using it all over my body and face daily , I remember the virus has infected my younger sister after me and we both had very tough time , it was scary and very scary and imagine it is your wedding in 2 months how trashed you will be!!
But the only thing that helped to reduce and vanish all my chicken pox marks was those vitamin E oils that i applied ,messaged to my skin daily, my sister was a great help to me she use to give me message on my back as I can't reach my back, we spent almost 1 and half month giving each other vitamin E oil messages and finally we got ride of all the marks and we don't have any chicken pox left over marks!! Feels so relaxing now, but i can never forget the wonder this oil did to us!!!

When i found these goat milk soaps first it sounded little different, i means never heard of something with goat milk soap!!! but then i thought when we can use cow milk, buffalo milk why not goat milk, after all it is a cattle and many countries use them for domestic purpose!! :) to be honest i have drank goat milk like twice or thrice when i was  a kid :))

So here are the soaps that i am using currently, and i am in so much love with the strong scent they have, makes my bathroom full of aroma and fragrance!!

These are 100% organic,handmade, cruelty free soaps from TaboO soaps

I got these soaps from the online store, you can get them at this link: http://taboostore.weebly.com/
FACEBOOK PAGE : http://www.facebook.com/PowerfulFlamingRose
 Also there is offer that if you purchase for $20 you get FREE  GIFT!!:)

The owner of this company has a youtube channel by name powerfulflamingrose check her out!!

Made in Puerto Rico!!

The soaps also claim to help in stretch marks,scars and burns etc...

I am using them since 15 days (2 weeks) i can feel the soft ,clean ,supple, skin
If it does more wonders to my skin i will definitely let you know!!! :)

I took the pics before i started using these soaps... i knew once i start i will not stop :)
I hope you enjoyed this small review :))

OVERALL: Amazing fragrance, no chemicals,homemade,cute,nice,good pricing,eco friendly soaps!!

Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. Wow, sorry about the chicken pox before your wedding, but at least it lead you to an amazing product. I want to try and smell it now :)

  2. Yes those were tough days :) but i know now the magic of this vit E oil :) also the soaps smell amazingly great very great, you can smell good whole day without perfume...i will be doing a giveaway soon :) also respond to my message on facebook :)i sent u a personnel message regarding your prizes

  3. seems nice i didnt know it got vitamin E great ! thanks for sharing this post =) <3

  4. really? use it and see the wonders :) rub rub rub :) like blend blend blend lol :) scars will vanish :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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