June 15, 2011

Go RED...

 Hey pretty princesses,

I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the long week...
This weekend i went shopping again!!! :) and this is what i wore :)

Top: Bangalore bangkok plaza
Jeans: West Life,Bangalore, I love the small embroidery on the front pocket
SHOES:RED CARLTON LONDON, the shows are red in front and have the black heels..i love it,hopefully i click a better pic of them next time :)
EARRINGS/Necklace :SoHo NY

Here is the New video if you have Missed it on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

Here is My Most requested Hair Routine Video:

And the exciting news, Our Blog crossed 20,000 blog hits thats amazing, i am happy that you guys visit my blog so often and share your thoughts!

Also stay tuned for more!!

Thanks for reading Princesses, Please leave your comments below, Love you all SuperPrincessjo


  1. love the red bag mathcing with red shoes amazing =) <3

  2. Woww love your sandals & outfit <3 You look gorgeous!!!

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    those earrings are gorgeous!

  4. Adorable!! I love your earrings. It's so much fun

  5. Thank u all , after posting the post i realized it looks more vintage style :)<3


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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