April 20, 2011

Indian OOTD for Indian wedding parties/Functions

Hello Princesses,

Hope you all are doing great, i am just back from a indian wedding of my sis in law, here is my first OOTD pics also my first Indian Outfit pic on my website for you guys, thank you all for requesting to share these pics, as the weddings are so huge and busy and they continue for a week,i was so busy these 10 days and was not able to post and updates but thankyou all for your mails and messages i really appreciate your support i definitely missed you guys as much you missed me.

I wore this indian attire for one of the functiobs called "sagan" (hindi word) where the gifts and blessings are given to the bride and groom.

I am wearing :
Dress: called as "suit" its in pure brocade material, Completely Designed in my sis in laws boutique.
Golden sandals: Zara
hair style: a high flower bun with accessories
Jewelry: Gold ,Pearls and Kundan
Bag/Purse : HIGH-DESIGN red leather purse

Enjoy this small post .

Also dont forget to enter my International giveaway,you can enter as many times and please follow all the rules i am checking them too:

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


  1. Gorgeous outfit!!! Love your bangles <3

  2. lovely dress...
    i dun know where to leave comment for intenational giveaway.. dat's y em leavin here

    i desperately wanna win from you jo...

    Katt.alvi@yahoo.com is ma id.. i followed all the rules and hope for the best now

  3. thanks Katt and all the best girl :)

  4. gorgeous look! I love all the bangles you have on.

  5. Ok..so I left a comment on your facebook abou this otfit. I wanna participate at you international contest. So this comm is to know that I'm following you. PLease if you have time, check my blog too: thepinkdiana.blogspot.com . Xoxo

  6. ok..so my YT username is :ThePinkDiana. I'm a competitive person and I always like to fight for what I want. Contests and giveaways on YT are became a very good way to show your thanks for the people who suport you. I'd like to win the prizes because they are beautiful and because through winning I become more confiident. Xoxo

  7. My YT name is ALICESUNNNN and my blogger is alikabob@gmail.com im so excited for this contest you are so awesome! I've really wanted to try some of the products for a long time so I have my fingers crossed!!!!

  8. thanks u girls for entering my giveaways :) all the best :)

  9. Laura C.Gonzalez: Thanks you, would love to see you in Indian dress :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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