April 01, 2011



Budget gadget is located in Shen Zhen, China, I got my parcel from there when i was in USA, i was trying to use this cute little lamp which i actually thought was bigger in size when i ordered it ,however when i received it, it looked very small but cute ! 

The light is LED lamp which is amazing white light with square bulbs,as i dont like yellow lights, though i can not use this light for my videos but i can use it for many other stuffs like late night reading my SiFi novels( i love Robin Cook)  and when i require a little amount of lighting, the stand of the LED lamp is fragile and can be bend in any any shape easily i love playing with it like you play with a toy !!:) it is wireless gadget and it works with three 1.5V batteries(included in the pack) which are not rechargeable so i need to buy the new battery every time.The lamp is very light in weight.I was so worried when i packed it, because i was sure it will break being so fragile n light, but thankfully it didn't! may be my packing was great i used lot of bubble bags and cello tape this time to pack my stuff!! and everything is safe except my one Victoria's secret body wash that opened during transit!!

The Hello Kitty Pink bag that i picked has a wrist-let shape with a Hello kitty print and we all girls love hello kitty, isn't it?? :) it has 3 zip pockets with multicolored chains/zippers also it can be used as wrist-let :) i use it to keep my small earrings as it is soft inside .I Also use it to keep my Nokia mobile and i pod touch as it is super soft inside and my gadgets stay safe inside this hello kitty bag and then i can throw it in my handbag without any worry.

When i received it from them the packaging was lovely packed in foam wrap and it took around 10 working days to reach from China to USA by Singapore post via Air mail service.

The LED LAMP is called the Ultra Bright 24 LED Reading Light Lamp
price is $4.88

The Hello Kitty Bag is also called- Hello Kitty 3-zipper Multifunctional Soft Wallet Bag Case
price is $5.32

You can also find this stuff at budget Gadget

So this is another addition to my hello kitty stuff !!

Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


  1. oh my god the hello kitty bagso cute! and the led lamp wow =)ur latest buyings? so cute


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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