February 25, 2011


Hey Princesses,

Hope you all doing good ,if not i hope you feel better after this blog post :)
I am happy to share with you that My Blog Crossed more then 5000 Page hits,since i started blogging at end of 2010,this is so exciting to know that you guys love me and read my thoughts and share yours.
As my Blog is about Beauty and life one thing that i love along with beauty related stuff is Photography!!
I have been a crazy photographer since i was a kid!!
So this is my first post on my Photography clicks and the Random Pics of the Things that i love to Click:

I Always a Camera On the Go....
Q:-Whats in my Bag??
A:-Camera for sure :)

 My 2011 Birthday cake :)

 Empire State Building New York On President's Day
 Colgate Clock in NJ Harbor
 A View Of New York From Across the River
 Hawaiian Dress
 Morning 4.A.M View of The Hudson River NY

I love nature, i love diversity, i love cultures, i love people ,I am so much in love with Nature and ready to explore more...

I hope you enjoyed this post,share with me your favorite places you like to visit.
Thanks for reading Luv you all SuperPrincessJo


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  2. Happy Belated bday Jo !
    Going by the no. of candles you must be 16 ! :P :)
    Nice pictures. I love the violet rose on your cake.
    Where do generally shop for bday cakes..
    I was down with cold & your post definately made me feel better !


  3. Hi priya Thanks, :) yes ;-) after 16 no more candels:) always 16 hehe...this was bought by my hubby so i didnt ask him but i also get cake from carlos bakery.Thanks for your wishes and take care :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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