January 06, 2011

My Fav Earrings of 2010

Hi Beautiful gals,
As you all know i don't do my fav Products of the months videos as i think they are nothing different when u do ur regular videos people what what products you used.
So i have started recently posting few of my Fav products of last year 2010 as i have been getting requests on jewellery collection and makeup collection requests which i plan to do sometime later. So here is a series that i started from New year to share with you my fav products my makeup jewellery clothing etc.to share so that you guys know what i use and love.
Here is a small collection of my Fav jewellery that i use more often if you have checked my videos and pictures you spot me in them quite often.
So just enjoy the collection i am sharing few pictures of my fav jewellery especially earrings in this post.Also, Keep yourself updated on these posts will help you in upcoming Contest.

Thanks Luv you all 
Keep following 
Princess Jo

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