December 09, 2010

Recent Youtube/Life/HAUL/contest /Holiday updates

hey guys how are you guys doing today??
I am recently busy joining my followers and subscribers back to their tweets and youtube.
Also entered couple of holiday giveaway contests.
Its so fun to do stuff for others and join them in their journey .
I loved the fact that people are so talented and friendly to share thoughts and talent and ideas.
I recently uploaded a holiday christmas/new year makeup tutorial on you tube.And if you follow me on twitter you that what i been planning and doing recently.
I did a HAUL recently and i uploaded the video of it on my you tube channel.
Also i will post it here i am going to post the pics here of the stuff that i bought.

If you have any comments and suggestions feel free to leave here.


My CONTEST ENTRY Video to Pinkjuicyprincess and chiikkalatiina

I loved their choice of  giveaway prizes/gifts.
You can also enter their contest just check out their contest video and follow the rules.


The pictures of this look has been already posted by me  in my previous blog.You can check that.

Also , i have deciding to buy a good coat or outerwear for the snowy weather but i have not come to any conclusion yet.
If you guys have any websites ,shops,pictures or links send me here so that it helps me to select one.

Thanks Luv you all 
Keep following 
Princess Jo

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