December 31, 2010

New Year 2011 Beautiful In and Out!! Beauty Tips

A Very Happy New Year  to all..

Here are My Beauty Tips for New Year 2011

1) Wash hair less, ideally every other day to preserve the natural essential oils.

2) Drink 8 glasses of water everyday during the day, especially between 2pm to 5pm, and

less during the night to prevent water retention the next day.

3) Pick and choose what to eat, so you don't overload on junk and unhealthy foods.

4) Sleep earlier.

5) Develop a daily routinue and stick to it so your body gets in sync.

6) Exercise

7) Wear no makeup for one day of the week to allow skin to breath.

8) park farther so you get a chance to walk and exercise.

9) eat less food 4 hours before sleeping to slow your body down.

10) have breakfast to kick start your metabolism and be healthy.

11) Remove makeup everyNight no matter how tired or late it is.

12) Take vitamin B before drinking alcohol to protect your body.

13) Take biotin (protine) if you want to grow your hair or nails out.

14) Blast your hair with the cool air setting to seal hair cuticles, and try to use a

heat protectant.

15) Eat the skin of the veggies and fruits to obtain the max nutrients.

16) Try NOT to pop your pimples.

17) Think positive.

18) Wash your hands often and for at least 20 secs

19) Cough and sneeze into the bend of your arm or Hanky.

20) Priortise Personal Hygeine. 

21)stick to skin care routine.

22)change your cosmetics mascara every 3 months.

23)Use a clean towel and pillow.

24)Exfoliate dead nail and skin cells regularly.



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Happy New Year to my Sweet Followers

 Hey guys,

First of all i am very sorry for not blogging recently . I enjoyed my long weekend and it was fun..I went to New york for holidays with my hubby...I will post the pics soon the editing is done. But the main reason why i could not update my blog is that i got eye inflammation overnight and i had lil itching sensation on my left eye also it became blood red so i got really scared for my eye and was taking extra care of it.

I missed you guys too.
If you watch my You tube beauty Channel you know that i updated it with few new looks and tips that was requested by my subscribers like sweet as you guys.

So here is the Videos for you guys, i am posting below.
I am Planning to do a Giveaway to my followers in New Year 2011 so keep yourself updated

Check also the pics below by clicking Read more..

Lastly Happy and Prosperous New year guys.

December 21, 2010

My contest winner krista78kat got her prize today

My contest winner krista78kat got her prize today I am  so excited to know that she is receive the courier..

Here is here video :) i am so glam she did this svideo for me..thats like a real good subbie.:)

I am sharing with you her video

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December 09, 2010

Recent Youtube/Life/HAUL/contest /Holiday updates

hey guys how are you guys doing today??
I am recently busy joining my followers and subscribers back to their tweets and youtube.
Also entered couple of holiday giveaway contests.
Its so fun to do stuff for others and join them in their journey .
I loved the fact that people are so talented and friendly to share thoughts and talent and ideas.
I recently uploaded a holiday christmas/new year makeup tutorial on you tube.And if you follow me on twitter you that what i been planning and doing recently.
I did a HAUL recently and i uploaded the video of it on my you tube channel.
Also i will post it here i am going to post the pics here of the stuff that i bought.

If you have any comments and suggestions feel free to leave here.


My CONTEST ENTRY Video to Pinkjuicyprincess and chiikkalatiina

I loved their choice of  giveaway prizes/gifts.
You can also enter their contest just check out their contest video and follow the rules.


The pictures of this look has been already posted by me  in my previous blog.You can check that.

Also , i have deciding to buy a good coat or outerwear for the snowy weather but i have not come to any conclusion yet.
If you guys have any websites ,shops,pictures or links send me here so that it helps me to select one.

Thanks Luv you all 
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November 21, 2010

Outfit for girls Nightout Pics

Hey guys,

I uploaded a new video on Outfit for girls night out.Checkout the video on My Youtube Channel

Also here are the pic for you guys.

November 09, 2010

Shopping & Fun In New York

Hey Guys,

I got new elf Makeup brushes today from New york. Check my Video on You tube on my channel.
.And a fun filled
weekend in New York.
Also some new pics for you guys below.
Cheers !!

Below are my latest pics OOTD.

 Have Fun!!

November 07, 2010

My channel has a new Makeup Video now

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a fun filled diwali festival.
I have uploaded a new makeup video in my Channel.Please have a look and enjoy.

And diwali pics are here for you guys
Have fun!!

Luv you all
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November 05, 2010

WAYNE NEW JERSEY Autumn A season of Style and Colors

High Mountain ,WAYNE,NJ -Beauty in Autumn
I love colors they Inspire me so much in everything ,weather its my makeup or any other creativity.

Few clicks to share with you guys.




Welcome to my Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog, will be surely a fun blog for all those who wanna keep themselves updated on beauty and me :)

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