I have been Blogging since one and half year now, and it all started with just going through some of the random blogs on internet, I have a vast variety if interests and there are lot of things that I wish to talk about. I started this Blog by myself all alone and still manage to do it myself.

I never wished to receive any award or getting featured in any of the places where I have been featured.

How ever, when someone feature you that shows they care and I love to be cared :) don't you ??? :)

Here are the News :--

Hindustan Times (Indian News Paper)

LIVE dress one of the fashion Websites

Here are few of my blog awards :-

Versatile Blogger award HERE

One Lovely Blog award HERE


 More to come.... ;-)

Just can't stop sharing one of my favorite quote :--

"If you are absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success "

                                                                                               - Will Smith

I just Love This movie "Pursuit of Happiness" and can watch it a zillion times.... Oh well, countless Inspiring....

Thank-you for each and everyone who shares there love towards my blog.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks @Vydehi, you have a lovely name :)

  2. Hi Jo!! You are really pretty! :)
    I just love your blog and your youtube channel!
    Thanks for sharing such awesome videos about beauty, cosmetics and makeup! I've learnt alot out of it!
    and im a regular visitor of your blog! :) keep doing :) all d best (Y)

  3. Hey Jo..Its me Sindhu..Im watching al ur videos for the past two years..
    And also I have sent you my wishes for ur bday through mail..But there was no rply Jo..I thought dat u might be busy on ur works..I like you very much..Then wat hapend to ur hand?Be consious while preparing ur food items..Are you feeling beter now?
    Take care of ur health..Bye..Waiting for ur reply..:-)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)