There are few questions that are repeatedly asked so here are my Responses.

Blogging Since ?


I have one.

Are You working?
I was working couple of months back in corporate world as manager in a pharmaceutical firm, I quit my job to pursue my passion for blogging.I am full time Blogger now.Earlier Blogging was my hobby along with a full time job.

Skint tone?
I am medium skin toned, my skin changes drastically depending on climate.

Skin type?
Combination to Normal skin.

Hair Type?
Natural straight hair.

Where are you from In India?
I am from Bangalore,Karnataka.

Where do you live Currently?
I am living in Singapore currently.

Would you like to collab with me?
Yes I would love to collab with anyone who has passion for working & creating awesome content.Drop me an email & we shall plan something,please don't just start a blog & youtube & hope for collaboration, people really need to see & love your work to collab.

You haven't Got an Reply To your query?
I try my best to reply all the comments on my social media, but sometimes it gets hard to respond due to travel,work schedule or technical difficulties, please give me few days to get back to you.
I try my best to respond to as much as I can. Also many times the same questions have been asked over & over again so I don't reply those,please watch my videos to learn about your queries.

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  1. initially my hair was straight and shiny..now its turned out to be dull dry n wavy ..i need a solution ..i like straight hair..!!
    plz reply

    1. hair oiling, some protein in take & avoid heating tools.. your hair should be back to normal in few weeks...

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  3. My cousin wedding is next week and m looking for some nice hairstyle like updo and braids which can compliment my look...can u please suggest some...thank u...:)

    1. Hi @Rekha hope i am not late..you can try half curl updos or french twist updos :)

  4. Hi jo,
    This is mona from bangalore,
    Your videos are sperb
    I wan to buy sigma polishing and cleansing tool
    Where it can be available
    Would you send any web address to buy

  5. Hi jo,
    This is mona
    Your videos are superb
    And I m watching everyday
    I want sigma polishing tool
    Where can I get that in india
    I m in bangalore

  6. Hi jo
    How r u
    This is mona
    I love your videos
    I m expecting skincare videos
    I need sigma polishing tool
    Where I get that
    Do u know any web address
    I m in bangalore

    1. Hi j
      I m expecting more videos from you
      You r amazing
      I m waiting for you r replies

  7. Hi... In your post pregnancy weight loss video ... U have mentioned to have methi and fenugreek seed water... But methi and fenugreek is same.... ??? Can you clarify please with the amount to make it... Thanks !


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)