June 13, 2014

How To Remove Sun TAN Naturally From FACE,BODY,SKIN Lightening Remedy

Watch the Video to see How To Remove Sun TAN Naturally From FACE,BODY,SKIN Lightening Remedy

PRODUCTS USED IN TAN removal and skin lightening:
4 tb sp wheat flour
1 tb sp rice flour
1 big tomato juice
Dabur Gulabari Rose water
15 Minutes time :)

Summer Pastel nails DIY Manicure Tutorial For Beginners SuperPrincessjo

I am so much in love with these pastel colors this spring and summer, I have used them so much .
So today I decided to share with you how to do the summer pastel nails by yourself.
How to do basic manicure at home.

PRODUCTS USED IN Summer Pastel Nails Manicure Tutorial:
Three beauties of london manicure kit
: Ultra protective manicure extender Top coat,Intensive cuticle care oil,Fortifying protector base coat
CK Nail polishes Singapore :Colors  34,39,23,37,40

Watch the complete Video to see How to do this Summer Pastel Nails Manicure

June 12, 2014

Short Sleeve Casual Summer Dress,Bow Back ,Pink Bow Handbag

Short Sleeve Casual Dress

After coming back from My Hongkong vacation, I have been very lazy and just wanted to do some grocery shopping in Singapore Wet markets because I love it. I love to plan my weekly meals for us as well as for the baby, so last Saturday I wore this outfit to go grocery shopping !! I know not always I dress up so well for grocery shopping but most of the times I do!! And sometimes I just go out in whatever condition I am in to get the stuff.

Well, I loved this outfit, as its summery ,colorful and trendy, Hongkong climate was hot I got tanned in sun so much, even after using umbrella and sunscreen.

Right now actually I am feeling a diferent me and really want to get rid of this summer tan fast, I know there are a lot of people who love summer tans , do sun bathing and get tanned to an extent until their skin gets burned and gets sun burned blisters on their skin, I have a few friends in Singapore who go to play beach vollyball on Sentosa Island to have fun in sun and get tanned. Some people love tan, some don't, I am among the later once.

I am actually thinking to buy a darker foundation now until I get rid of the tan :P but then I can wait for a week or two to give my skin recovery time!!

By the way back to the blog post topic, I wanted to share what I wore with no makeup jut a Aloe vera gel creme and lip balm as I was too lazy that day.

Flower Shaped Necklace

Casual Solid Knot PU Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Women Handbag

Casual Solid Knot PU Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Women Handbag

Short Sleeve Casual Dress 
Sleeve Length: short sleeve
Style: campus,party
Dress Link : HERE

Casual Solid Knot PU Leather Tote Shoulder Bag Women Handbag
Color Rose
Handbag Link: HERE
Flower Shaped Necklace 
Pink Necklace Link:HERE

Green Leather Footwear Carlton London Got them way back In India from Carlton London store in Great India Place Mall Noida India.

Sunglasses : Charles & Keith Singapore, You can find Charles & Keith In India in Mumbai .

Pink Pearl Earring : From Bugis Singapore

Someone commented On my Instagram HERE that "You don't know to pose" this made me smile & I do agree girl "I don't" lol...

Catch you guys later, going to have my lunch now.:"Chole Chawal"

June 08, 2014

Hongkong Vacation Outfits Summer Lookbook ,The Peak Tram,Disney Land,Avenue of Stars SuperPrincessjo

I had a amazing vacation with family in Hongkong, many many thanks to my love ,my husband for showing me this beautiful part of the world, while visiting Hongkong I also vlogged a bit and also tried to film a bit of videos on my outfits and the travel Hongkong tour so that I can share with you guys !!!

I am so much in love with the beauty of Hongkong, the nature , the mountains, the high floor buildings the ofcourse the local hongkong food. Spicy and sour boneless chicken with rice and salad is my favourite. I actually craved for it for 2-3 days continuously after eating it once, the people were too friendly, and generous, I forgot totally I belong to another land and have to go back one day .... hehehe...

Enjoy these few pics fow now & the summer lookbook fashion video.I tried to carry very minimal luggage this time and shopped madly In Hongkong, shopping in Hongkong was so much fun and I could not stop myself in most of the scenarios ;) we will talk about that later soon..

Hongkong Vacation Outfits Summer Lookbook ,The Peak Tram,Disney Land,Avenue of Stars SuperPrincessjo

Outfit 1:
Shirt : In and out Hongkong
Shorts: Arden B
Shoes: Anna Black
Sunglasses:Charles and keith
Bag: Convergys Official Back Pack Blue black
Hair band: Ladies Market Hongkong
Watch:Rose Gold,Korea
Earrings:Soufeel Pearl earrings stud

Outfit 2:

Women's Tops EZRA by ZALORA
Printed Long-Sleeve Woven Blouse http://www.zalora.sg/women/clothing/fashion-tops/
Shorts: Arden B
Watch:Rose Gold,Korea
Sunglasses:Charles and keith
Earrings:Soufeel Pearl earrings stud
Shoes: Anna Black
Red Umbrella

Outfit 3:

Floral top/Shirt : In and out Hongkong
White capri Pant: In and out Hongkong
Hair band: Ladies Market Hongkong
Shoes: Anna Black Singapore
Bag: Floral Print Tote Handbag -White,Hongkong
Watch:Rose Gold,Korea
Diamante Butterflies Shaped Necklace Romwe:http://www.romwe.com/diamante-butterflies-shaped-necklace-p-75539.html?YT=SuperPrincessjo
Rose gold Bracelet:cotton on
Pearl Pink flower Bracelet:Hongkong Ladies Market