May 24, 2014

Online Women Clothing And Jewellery HAUL Addition To My Jewellery Collection,YouTube Fan Fest Singapore

 I love Jewellery, And its been my passion to buy it everytime I have been out in the shopping spree.
You can check Out My Current Jewellery Collection and jewellery Storage Tips in my Video HERE

I wanted to search for the cheap trendy fashion jewellery since a long time, a lot of my viewers asked me where did I buy My jewellery, well I buy it at a lot of places and If I recall or blog about it , the list will be very huge!

So , Today I thought of sharing with you my recent Fashion Trendy Jewellery HAUL.
This jewellery is not only latest fashion, but also it is trendy, and good quality.
The made and the finish of each and every piece of jewellery is great.

Its light, smooth, well made ,fashionable, latest collection and over all so affordable jewellery.
I love the fashion clothing and jewellery that are cheap ,affordable and of great quality.

Please first have your pop-corns ready and see my pics of the latest jewellery I hauled from Online website that ships so fast worldwide except except : Italy , Nigeria, Vietnam for some Custom problems. So if you are in rest of the world you can have these pieces as well.

Anyways here is my Jewellery HAUL

Beaded Bowknot Fake Collar Necklace Artificial Pearl Carving Flower Pendant New

Luxury Gold-tone Metallic Choker Fashion Women Collar Curved Wide Necklace

Ladies Silve-tone Curved Mirrored Necklace Choker Metal Polished Collar Bib Slim

Exaggerated Gold Plated Fluorescent Rose Geometry Square Choker Necklace

Feather Bronze Antique Necklace Vintage Pendant for Dress New
Girl Lady Optional Gold Plated Black Enamel Geometry Choker Necklace

Gorgeous Shell Lovely Beads Flower Pendant Layered Necklace Chain

Hot Woman Nightgown Sleepwear Dress G-string Babydoll Lacework Satin Set
I also picked this satin nightwear, which turned out to be so comy !
I so love the purple,lace and bow , and finally I am able to buy clothes of small size again after delivery! It is so exciting to fit in small clothes :)

 Other then these products I also bought :
100Pcs One-Off Disposable Eyelash Brush Mini Mascara Wand Applicator Makeup for my eyebrows and eyelashes so I can just use and throw and be safe with my eyes :)

Also, If you noticed My Girl Lady Optional Gold Plated Black Enamel Geometry Choker Necklace in above pic, it has some making issue, the 2 choker peices are put wrongly, I thought I can re do it, but after closely noticing it I see its not a easy job, so I am going to let them know about this issue.

Checkout More of clothing and Jewellery Online at affordable price HERE

Other then this everything is just perfect and beautiful that I can't wait to wear them all :)
This definitely added a lot of fashion in My Jewellery Collection, Now You should NOT call me a Jewellery addict, because I am not, I just love every shape size color and patter of jewels thats it...

Tomorrow is very exciting day, I am going to YouTube Fan Fest Academy Singapore, and meet other Singapore Youtubers, so I am going to sleep now I have to get up early and reach on time !!

I am sure it's gonna be too much rush tomorrow, we you-tubers are crazy generation, aren't we  :) !!


  1. Is it free shipping to Singapore or how much you paid roughly for shipping to Sg?

  2. The measuring diagram of the hefty size womens clothing site will enable you to get the best size to fit you consummately. Stylish women's clothing


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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