May 19, 2014

Gelish Two Tone Gradient Pink Glitter 3 D Flower Nail Art Manicure and Pedicure

Blogged 24-april-2014
So I decided to do my nails differently for my cupcake's First Birthday Party, HERE
As I know it will be close to impossible to do my own nails in hurry and all those planning,dressing up and Huge number of Guests at home, some people will come a day before as they will be traveling from other cities.

If you remember I did Gelish two tone nails before as well in Singapore HERE.

So this is how my nails look now, this nail polish will last from 3 weeks to a month, and I am sure as I already have experience about it.
The best thing is I don't have to worry and carry any nail polish with me now for my vacation, so basically I will have these pretty nails all the time, and they will be unique too as I am sure none else will do them :)

And I am just waiting for the compliments on them :) hehehhehe

Husband already kissed them and he loves them and also took a lil info on how it is done and all :)
I love it when he likes what I do

I also decided to go for the pedicure but a single rose pink gelish nail color.

A bit inside the Singapore Nail art saloon how they look, aren't all these nail polish display racks are cute and super pretty ? I wish I have all of these one day :)

Thanks for coming , catch you guys soon,

Update 19-May-2014 : I already have got the gelish removed from Nails after coming back to Singapore from India, the 3D nail art flower didn't last more then a week , inspite of taking care and wearing gloves during hair wash. I was so disappointed with it !!

The gelish nail polish started becoming yellowish and ugly started fading color it looked so bad after 10 days that I finally had to go to saloon to take it off , Now I have China glaze ruby pump On My manicure nails, I got the gelish removed for $10 SGD from a nail saloon and got the express manicure done for $5.

The Gelish 2 tone nails and 3 D Nail art costed me around $75 SGD. Expensive and waste as it didn't last as  expected.

I think there could be 2 reasons:
First The quality of Gelish nail polish she used on me was fake and low quality , but cost of the manicure still expensive.
Secondly, I also feel it could be because I touched warm water couple of times.

Whatever, it is for now I am loving China glaze ruby pump on my nails love this glittery nail polish.And never going to trust just any saloon for getting these expensive nail art done again.

By the way I am writing this post sitting under blanket in AC bed room and baby sleeping next to me ;) I am feeling so sleepy after heavy lunch.

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  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2014

    Very Nice:) Even i like Nail paints more

    1. yes we can Handel nail paint ourselves and can change anytime these nails arts need extra care :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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