March 16, 2014

TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, H & M ,KIYO ,ARIES,Birthday Spring Fashion Haul Singapore,SuperPrincessjo

So you see a lot of or can say most of the stuff that I am sharing from my spring/birthday haul in above pic. I did shop a lot last month and these are my favorite products these days.I just can not emphasize enough how fun this shopping was because I am finally able to shop clothes of my size (pre pregnancy size clothing)  no more loose dresses. So I hope you enjoy the video :)

Some of the products I have shows in the pics below but you need to watch the entire video, as videos are more fun :) to know all my shopped stuff .

I bought the cute girly dresses,jewellery,handbag,accessories and shoes from TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, H & M ,KIYO  & ARIES Singapore.


Also I Crossed 63,000 YouTube SUBSCRIBERS & 16 Million YouTube Video Views On My SuperPrincessjo YouTube Channel HERE
Thankyou All For All Love I am just Overwhelmed .

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