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Favourite Nude Lipstick, Sally Hansen 667120 Modern,Broke or Melted Lipstick Container Packaging+ World's Most Expensive City Singapore

This has been the most used lipstick in my makeup Vanity, so smooth,moisturizing,nourishing perfect for everyday use natural lips, I got it back from my Unites States Of America Days when we were Living in New Jersey, Don't remember exactly which shop though.

The best part living in USA was shopping alone all the time and not feeling that you are spending a lot on makeup unlike here in Singapore where every time I buy any makeup brand stuff I feel guilty as it so EXPENSIVE and now the news confirms it as well HERE .

So now that it's been officially declared that Singapore is World's Most Expensive City, I know its not my fault that I spend money its Government's fault that everything is so expensive here :O

By the way If you are loving my MINT Nail Polish shade as much as I am loving it you can read more about it HERE :)

Getting back to the saddest part of my life after I realized that My Colorbar 021 Pure Cinnamon lipstick broke!! post HERE. I also realised this melted lipstick sitting on dirty container/ lipstick holder and when I open it I see.... (below pic)

I had to clean the whole lipstick holder and all the lipstick mess that happened due to lipstick melting with the wet tissue wipes .
I totally blame the hot climate here, so I am keeping my lipstick in the refrigerator after these incidences and so far everything else is good!!

Here is the Lipstick Sally Hansen 667120 Modern Lip swatch on my lips 
Also shown HERE in My lipstick collection .

Good Points: 
Lipstick + Lip Treatment
Complete coverage 

Negative Points:

Will definitely be rebuying it if I find it .


  1. Jyoti, I think u can still use it. Just place the broken lipstick in a tiny container and use a lip brush to wear it on ur lips.

  2. You can still use it with a lip brush. Just store the broken piece in a tiny container.


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