March 05, 2014

Baby Boy's (Son's) First Birthday Party , How To: Requirements,Plans,List

So I have started planning for my Baby Boy's (Son's) First Birthday Party, he turned 10 months young now , and WE are planning to celebrate his First Birthday In Singapore , Yes We are not going to India and we are preferring to be celebrating here, all by ourselves and will also be with some friends not much!!

 Image source :Pinterest
 Image source :Pinterest

Few Things That I already have in  my mind for my baby's First Birthday party are :

  • BIRTHDAY CAKE :Special Order/ handmade cake probably a Penguin / Pingu theme cake.
  • CAKE:Secondly We may optionally get him the Mother Goose Club Characters cake.
As upon us to decide I would prefer the cake on what He likes, And as he loved to watch these baby shows on YouTube . I will be finalizing one from these. Also I will have to search for a Good custom cake makers, I already know one, that made my Birthday decoration Items and I loved them. So My first preference are already Fresh Bakes In Singapore East Coast Road.
  • Baby Boy's Birthday Outfits: I will need 2 Birthday dresses for Him One for the main party and other for the standby incase my baby spills something on his clothes etec...
  • Birthday Decoration Items: I will need to buy the Birthday decoration Items from Ebay like, balloons,table cloth,decoration stuff,cups,plates etc. And this is tough job as there are so many pretty cute options out there but have to settle on one! Also keeping the no of people and other stuff it needs to be decided in advance so that I can get them delivered at home before time !
  • Shoes :For my baby as I always give him cute baby boy socks, but since he now started standing and its his first birthday I want a matching shoes with his Birthday Outfit.
  •  Birthday Gifts :That We as parents decide to give him, pack them and shop in advance !!
  • Parents Party Outfits: We My husband & My will need new outfits too, I am not sure if my Husband wants to shop for himself or not, that we let him decided, But I am definitely going to shop a cute girl's/ Mommy outfit for myself after I finish shopping for the baby birthday outfit.
  • Venue:We have to decide a Venue for the celebration, this is getting very difficult, as we are the only one with baby in our friend circle and most baby birthday parties in Singapore happen to ne organized at kids friendly play places We will have to choose something for our baby and the adults :)
  • Photographer:I am confused for the photographers, I don't know any freelancer photographers In Singapore for baby birthday party shoots as of now I am believing we will click our own snaps (But I am sure I will not be satisfied with them ) !! So have to plan on that as well.
  • Caters: This is another difficult option depending on the time, and guest list (which is going to be MOSTLY Indians) we have decide the Food/ or party food menu, and always need everything as I am foodie.
  • Return Gifts: I wonder how many kids will be at the party for the Return gifts!! And do you give return gifts to adults (if they don't have kids).
  • Things To Do: Video camera Charged and Ready, Photo camera chargged and ready.
Make sure baby sleeps well before his birthday and Happy.
Look and decorate the Hilium filled balloons.
Keep party short so baby doesn't get fussy and enjoys.
Try to bake a special cake for Baby (That I have to learn and practice)
Or order a special theme small cake for Baby so that he enjoys looking and eating his first cake :)

  • Birthday Invites :I am ruling out the paper Birthday Invites for sure we will probably have a whats app group Invite or  a Facebook group invite :) that's more timely,handy and convenient for all even the guests:)

As of now these are things that are in My mind, I am at my own with no help or suggestions so I will be constantly thinking.

Do You Have any Baby Birthday Party Planning and Celebration suggestions or ideas that will help me ?



  1. Ok i stay in sg too so i can help. Venue: since u do not need it to be kid friendly consider using the private room which the indian restaurants banana leaf appolo..muthu curry..

    Photographers : plenty avail..u can chk angel fotographs on fb. But many avail..u can do a search.. but u can always ask a friend to help to take pics..u can save!
    Gift bag: usually given to kids if kid party. Can consider daiso to buy for adult

    1. Aww @mala Thankyou so Much for your suggestions , I so need them currently.. I will look out for all these options for sure..THANKS again :)

      Love & Hugs

  2. Oh ya bday deco can be bgt from stores like website.

    1. Thanks so much I am going to look at all these websites... :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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