February 15, 2014

Valentines Day Gifts,Shopping,Cake,Flowers,Plan and Outfit 2014

First Things First--- A Very Happy Valentines day to EVERYONE Weather you are Taken, Single, or Your Valentine is far from you Or If You Just Broke up!! :) Don't forget to celebrate your own life anytime whatever life offers you be happy .

The highlight of the Day was the THE Cake I fell in love with this was the best ever Valentines Day cake, I probably never fell In love with any Cake so far as much as I did fall for it, I just took pics after pics of this cake, I also had a baby photo shoot at home, as my baby is 9 Months old now and its Baby's First Valentines Day, I clicked his lot of cute pics, That he is gonna love when he grows up :)

Below is a pic from his shoot!
Those tiny blue shoes are his tiny feet holding the Valentines Day Rose Bouquet .

Cake before we cut it... Isn't it so lovely.... and it was too tasty Yumm... We Just loved it so much..

I got up too early today & got ready with baby by 10 am, and it was time to go out Celebrate & Shop.

Here is what I got on Valentine's Day, I choose everything for myself as I was given complete freedom to spend whatever -wherever today and just be happy ;)

My Love/Husband bought me these Roses last night after work & I was really surprised to see him holding these and standing at the door smiling ..... HERE

I smiled too kissed him & felt so happy...

In my mind I was thinking EXPENSIVE!! damn roses and Singapore Just don't go hand in hand, they are EXPENSIVE
1 rose is 15$ today and even more !! that's like Rs INR 736 each rose...
And he is not even going to tell me how much did he get it for ..

Oh Gosh and that rose will dry in few days , but then everything in life is not money and we just feel extra special when someone does so much for us..I really Thank God for this wonderful life .

I Picked these Black High Heel Sandals/Shoes From KIYO Singapore, I love this brand always they are always available in small sizes that fit my feet so well (size 3).
The Black Hand Purse/handbag/clutch from KIYO Singapore as well.It also has a chain inside.
When I tried them the shoes were super comfortable to wear & walk & The Black handbag & Shoes combo was looking awesome!!!

I got the Box of Couture of Minnie OPI NAIL POLISHES ,Loved all the red and Pink nail Polishes shades , I got them From SaSa Cosmetics Sales.

NYX 591 Round LIPSTICK loved this creamy texture, it is medium tone not very dark or very light, I think its perfect for pigmented lips.

Here is the closure of the Black party wear or dinner date wear handbag, Loved the patterns on the flap and the embellishments.

Enjoy some closure Pictures of the Valentine's Day gifts I got ...

I was suppose to wear below heart cut, backless Pick Dress Today..
But I couldn't find the adhesive Bra for the backless dress, Damn girls wardrobe can never be full of everything she needs... Now I am in search of the bra for backless dresses...

So, I wore the Heart Print T-shirt with shorts In the Morning when I went Shopping, Picture HERE

And Then In the evening We cut the cake & watch movie and celebrate at home Friday Night + Valentine's Night.. Baby went to Sleep early, he is always a good boy.. Love him so much..

Oh Yes I Also got New Haircut, Have you checked the picture yet ? what say, how you like it, My Hubby's comment:- You Look Younger.....
Me: Smiling... What you mean? :) I am always younger :P hehehe...

 Watch My Latest Night Out Party makeup Video BELOW

What did you do today,did you make someone happy :)

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