February 11, 2014

Shopping In Singapore , what where how to Shop ! Starter Embroidered Jeans Shorts

In Continuation of the previous HAUL HERE
We Just went regular grocery shopping & I was super bored as I didn't had Interest to go out that day but since grocery shoppingis Important on weekends to avoid all the unnecessary stress throughout the week, I had to leave home to go to the wet market, there are many wet markets in Singapore near my home, but I usually go the regular once so that I know where to shop what!! and avoide wasting time and money.

I saw this flea market and found this Jeans shop/counter where you can pick ant jeans BUT NO TRIAL/NO Fitting room.

So I just went to my gut feeling & Bought size 29" as my size is 28" and to my surprise it fitted so well when I tries it at home!!!


Watch The Below complete Video to know more about the Singapore shopping and the deals :)

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