February 17, 2014

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Ok, So I am thinking to start a baby blog since so long, because a lot of my viewers are requesting me for more baby videos, as and on I film them and upload on my BOTH YouTube Channels:

Makeup Channel
Life Channel

I also get confused to upload where!! But seriously at this moment of time when I am super busy new mom, First time mom, I have lot of new things to learn and do along with spending full time with my son, so i am really confused to start a new baby blog or to make a separate section in this "SuperPrincessjo Beauty and Life Blog" .

Then I think why not as its my Beauty & life blog, lets start here the Mommy Life as well and baby blogging!!

First of all THANKYOU to all my lovely viewers & you online friends who requested me for these baby stuff and my experiences and stuff, this really made me think and start with this new idea of Mommy blogging or baby Blogging!!

So let me share my Ideas on How you can shoot Your own maternity & baby- mommy or baby-Parents or family or baby Photography!!!

The Pic above is our home Pic!! I mean its not taken by anyone else , Its the pic that My Husband Took for me !!

Secondly, let me tell you my pregnancy was not at all a easy one, I had such a severe emergency issues till 5 months of pregnancy, that's the reason I never spoke about My pregnancy on my social media and kept it secret till I reached 8 Months (third trimester of pregnancy)

Also just to inform you the first pic was taken by a Samsung Galaxy Siii when I was 8 months pregnant( and we had no idea that time, that I will use that pic for my post baby delivery pic) , But "Its better to be late then never" and I decided that I wanted this post delivery maternity and baby mommy pic in same dress, so I got My this Maternity Indian Umbrella dress altered after the baby birth In India and then got it shipped all the way from Indian to Singapore so that I can wear it with my baby for this special pic. :)

Ok back to Pic!!

What you need:

A camera- probably a DSLR if not a camera that you have or like
A Location- nature is best Location but you always have your own well lit room or home as location
A dress- That you wore during your Pregnancy in third Trimester (because that's when most women show the most, the belly is so beautiful in thirst trimmester, oh Lord I miss those pregnancy days already).
Your Baby- Whenever you and baby are ready for it, makesure baby slept enough,and ate well before the shoot and is comfortable .
Baby Dress-Decide what you want your baby to wear, after all he/she should cute in it at the same time should be comfortable in his/her dress, this will make photoshoot easy for all of you.
A Photographer- For me it was my husband , but if you have any other family member or friend that can help you it is great as you can also have family pic !
Patience: babies are new to this world they are very sharp and sensitive, specially if they realise you want something from them they get more fussy and irritated, so just be casual, give your baby as much love and importance you can before and during the shoot, it shoul look natural to baby so that they don't flop all the plan. If baby gets fussy & refuses to shoot , STOP immediately & soothe him/her with love and hugs and start again.

Extra Tips:
  • A good lightening is important.
  • You can use photo editing software to edit your own pics.
  • Get them printed at stores like Kodak etc.. and also can get framed.
  • The younger the baby is the easy the photo shoot will be, once baby starts moving and turning they get really out of control :)

 Hope these baby photography & maternity baby, post pregnancy momy baby photography at home tips helped.

This will save you hundreds to thousands of Dollars that you can save for baby's education or other baby investments for sure.. this is also great for parents who can not afford a lot of money for these professional baby shoots!!

FYI: In Singapore these baby photography costs or begins with the cost of $800 SGD= 40,000 INR (cost to go to studio with baby to click) , If you want the photographer to come home then its a separate additional cost!! That's a lot of money!!! TRUST me you can actually buy your own DSLR camera for this price and click photos for lifetime... What Say ??

Have you guys done anything similar yourself or got it done professionally , I would love to hear from you !!


  1. hi jo, yes i ve also clicked some pics like urs...its feels soo nice to see someone doing similar kind of stuffs :D keep us updated...tk cr n lots of luv to ur cute little baby... :*

  2. Aww Thankyou, so much good to know :) and love to your baby :)

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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