February 15, 2014

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I slept so late last Night, thankfully its Saturday today and I have My Husband at home to help ...
The exciting part of the day is I will be organizing my Super Messy Filming & Editing,Makeup Room.
Singapore is so hot from past 2 days, I Feel I need 2 -3 layers of Sunscreens inspite of carrying a Umbrella and walking only under the trees, Don't feel like going out during the day, only in evenings..
Have to clean the rooms & do a lot of organization,May be  filming a new HAUL video (after I organize everyhing)
By the way I filmed Baby Boy HAUL/shopping for babies idea, yesterday evening with my baby , it was fun, need to edit that now:)



  1. Jo...completed d survey ..hope to win this time..and the first one do so....
    Jo u r realy grt ..i follow u like crazy...appreciate the way u mange ur work...

    love from kajal

    1. I shall let you know :) Thanks.... and thanks for the kind words I appreciate it :)


love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)