February 14, 2014

Couple's 123 TAG , Happy Valentine's Day Gift For Her

This is what I asked my husband on this Happy Valentine's Day, a TAG video for you all :)

This was real fun TAG to film with My Husband, as life is too bust these days, we totally don't get time now for these things, specially the question answer things, i used to play such games in Indian newspapers Life section , I guess Times Of India on Saturday's used to have this special column of such relationship games, and I always had fun trying them as a teenager.

Now that we both are blessed happy parents of our lil cupcake, we spend more time with baby as parents then together as couple, and we totally love this phase of life, I just can not tell How thankful I am to God and My Parents & Husband for this amazing Life with my family .

We filmed this video late night on weekend when we both were not sleepy and baby slept happily in his baby crib (usually he still refuses to go to sleep by his own in his crib & we have co-sleep him sometimes) and I totally love that baby smell oh my god, thats the best feeling in this entire world :)

Well I hope you enjoy this Couple's 123 Tag that I enjoyed filming & editing so much!!!

I TAG YOU ALL to do this TAG with your partner and send me your link if you do it , I would love to watch it!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!

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love and Hugs, have a Blessed day ahead :)

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